Happy New Year! 

Well it’s already 2017 in parts of the world, so let me wish you all a Happy New Year! 

This year is the year of the Rooster. Let’s hope it’s better than the year of the Monkey. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy new year in Japanese, to go with my annual new year display.)

Whatever your resolutions or goals are for the New Year, I wish you the best! 

RIP Carrie Fisher aka Princess/General Leia

When Star Wars came out, I was pretty little, but my brother and the neighborhood kids and I would all still play as the characters. I’ll let you guess who I got to be. I was lucky to have a heroine like Princess Leia to have as a role model.  She ran around with the guys and shot a gun and all sorts of other stuff, and wasn’t just a damsel in distress to be rescued. I loved her smart mouth and tough attitude.  I work in the wonderful industry of geeky pop culture, and Carrie Fisher and I have probably been in the same building lots of times, though I never got to meet her.

yr5week7I only made two tributes to Leia in my quilts, one for my original Weekly Quilt Series in 2011.

img034This last one was made this year for the Bear+Bird Gallery “Return of Stitch Wars” show.

Her passing has made me terribly sad, and reading the many tributes from all of my friends on social media, it seems that she touched them as well.  I know the next installment of the saga will be bittersweet.

Krackle Zwei

I always said my Kirby Krackle quilts were a series and I finally finished the top for the second piece. I’ll be quilting it soon! 

Christmas traditions

I’m sure every family has their traditions. Mine is that I open gifts on Christmas Eve.  Also I make a baked Brie!  

Happiest of holidays to you!