Hari Kuyo – The Festival of the Broken Needle

Today is Hari Kuyo, the ceremony in Japan to honor your broken needlework tools. On February 8th, in Shinto and Buddhist temples across Japan, needles, pins, and small scissors are laid to rest in soft jelly or tofu. Kuyo is a redemptive fire ceremony for tools by artists, chefs, and others to burn their worn tools, brushes, and knives to honor them for their work in their art. Needles and pins have a different ceremony, called Hari Kuyo, meaning Needle Memorial. No fire, but a soft cake to pierce one final time.

I know we have all been seeing the Marie Kondo Tidying Up series on Netflix being discussed, and much has been said over her “thanking each item for it’s service” before it’s discarded. But I don’t know that we really think about how useful, yet disposable, items help us do the work we need to do each time we sew. I think this ceremony speaks to me in a strong way, above my love for the Japanese culture.

I will spend about 10 minutes going through all of my pins looking for the truly crooked and broken ones. It is a nice way to assess my collection of these little sewing helpers. Now my pins are refreshed and ready to help, and these broken and bent ones will be retired.

I also decided to buy some new pins today. I often tell my students that they are “worth a new piece of thread” on their needle. But have I considered that the needle itself is something I am worth? The thrifty sewist in me wants to keep every scrap and sew “down to the nub”. But I know I will be less frustrated with my work if I am using the proper tools, and good, new needles and pins help me do that.

My favorite pins are these Magic Pins that are fine and have comfort grips and are heat resistant to my iron! Of course, you know my favorite needles already… You can get them in my shop!

For those of you who are curious, after I honored my needles and pins, I removed them from my little square of tofu, and wrapped them for the recycle bin.

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Things to reflect on…

I got a very lovely gift of bath bombs for Christmas. They are from a small business. They are really well packaged and smell divine.

This has me thinking about a book I’m reading called “Win Her Business” in which it relates how women consumers appreciate details like this.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot in my own business too. I’ll be doing some discussions of it on my Patreon this week. Join me over there on Tuesday and Thursday’s 3pm cst. Http://Patreon.com/muppindotcom

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We hope you had a great holiday!

We had the tiniest bit of snow, so someone got a white Christmas! Be sure to watch our FB live video from Thursday. Happy holidays and look for some treats from us next week!

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Things I’m grateful for…

I’m new to the step mom thing. But I’m super lucky to have a kid who thinks running a business is cool.

Our holiday break week is off to a great start!

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Happy Solstice and radio silence

Things around here have been super busy but also we see the signs of 2020 winding down.

Our little guy is visiting and that has been wonderful and stressful to prepare for.

Our 2021 looks much brighter and can’t wait to put 2020 to rest.

I’ve been working on a list of things that were amazing in 2020 and while there were some things that “blew chunks”, there were more bright spots than not.

I hope to share those soon. 🖤

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