In Chicago

I’m in the Windy City to attend the International Quilt Festival and to scope out new houses. The house is under contract back in B-more so by the end of May I should be moved. I have 2 week’s worth of quilts to post, plus stuff I made at the show in the make-it-take-it areas.
I’m back Tuesday and should be able to scan and post then…

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I didn’t forget- Just busy

I didn’t forget to post my weekly quilt, I was just too busy to scan it. My laptop is dying and it takes an age to load up, so I waited to post on my lunch at work.

So here is this week’s quilt. I spent the weekend in Philadephia, attending a lecture series on Amarna and Ankhenaten, and also going to the King Tutankhamun show at the Franklin Institute. It was a very “Egypt” themed weekend, and I hurried home to make this quilt while it was technically the weekend.
I still want to put a few beads on it, so it’s not officially done. It has a favorite scarab bead making a shadow in my scan because it’s holding the scanner lid up. 🙁
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Thank goodness spring is on the way. I’m really tired of the cold weather. The trees or flowers haven’t bloomed in my area, but I hope they do soon.
This design is based on the hand painted “design” on my nails this week. Each time I get my nails done, my manicurist asks me “Do you want design today?”. I always say yes. Sometimes it’s geometric, sometimes just dots, but this week’s is flowers, to go with the pink polish I chose.
The folded flower petals are from Rebecca Wat’s new book. I love dimension, and enjoyed this a lot. I used organdy ribbon on the edge. It’s got a Japanese sakura feel, which is what I was going for.

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Show and tell

I went to what might be my last art quilt retreat with my local guild, the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild, to the West River Retreat center near Annapolis. I will miss these 3 day sewing fests. I have so many good friends here.

On to the show and tell. Everything was made or started or whatever this weekend.
This is a custom ATC made for an artist on

These corsets are for a swap on the same website.

Trees. Made a couple extra. Like the depth I was trying to do? Played around with the threadplay trunks.

Week 11- Shiva paintstiks. These oil paints are in stick form. Because they are real oil paints and not oil pastels, they are great on fabric. I made the gold swirls last week using a gold paintstik and a swirl texture plate. I fused on purple lame, quilted and beaded it this weekend. Based on an earlier sketch in my notebook about line and form (week 4), this was designed listening to “Fergalicious” by Fergie, specifically the “D-to the E- to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S” part. I feel like you should know that, not sure why.

This butterfly is going to a fellow person in the Fabricators Circle Journal swap. Two journals were lost by UPS on the way to my house two months ago, and I felt so bad that the art that was lost, and more that someone probably threw away because they didn’t know what it was.

Remember me? I’m quilted, and the lip threadplay is done. My skin looks great. So “healthy” (bad Austin Powers joke…).

Way back in the first post, I was making this thing. I only had enough time to put the top together. It will be quilted in red, and the metal mesh circles hand sewn on.

She’s crafty, alright. I made this necklace in an hour. The beads were made a while back from an old Quilting Arts magazine article, the clasp idea came from a new book about fabric leftovers. Add yards of frilly yarn and you have instant funky necklace. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow to show how truly weird I am.

That’s it… I know, long post. But so worth it. I will miss these retreats. They were one of the best parts of being in the guild.

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Savage Mill

Today was my open house, and I needed to get outta dodge for a few hours. So, I went to visit the shops at Savage Mill, on my final tour of the places I like in Maryland. It’s a mall, made out of a 1700’s mill that made/wove canvas, mostly. There’s a bunch of stores I love there. The Queen’s Ink, a specialty art shop, And Sew it Goes, a fabric store (‘natch), and a neat antiques mall.
I had coffee and a pastry and mousse from Bonaparte, the French bakery inside the mill that makes my favorite palmiers. I stopped at each shop, bought my trinkets from each place,
but the place I wanted to go the most was the antique mall.
I had visited numerous times over the years, and this one vendor has always been there. They’re called Treasure Trove, and they sell mostly antique linens. Each time I have been in there, I have picked up, but never bought, this one piece of antique lace trim. Today, I bought the trim, and a Victorian jewelery casket, which I had never seen before, but had to have…

The lace was right where I remembered it, even after all these years of going. It’s 18th century guipure needle lace. Yup, that’s the 1700’s. It’s only a fragment, but makes me wonder what kind of larger piece it came from, and how long it must have taken to make it. I bought it and a second piece of 18th century Flemish lace, which is smaller and has the little scalloped edge.

I made this weekly quilt inspired by the mill, the Victorian casket, and the lace. The background is one of the last bits of a ver favorite and now long gone fabric. I quilted it with thread that was hand dyed. I sewed on the larger guipure lace and te smaller 18th century Flemish lace by hand, and then sewed on the sparkly trim on the edges, which is the last bit of that that I have, and another favorite. This piece really speaks to me. I got really emotional making it, wondering what the person who made that lace would think of my new use for it. So what does lace from the 1700’s cost you? $10.50. That’s all.
On the way to and from the Mill, Starlight by Muse came on the radio, and was stuck in my head while making it. Oh yeah, and this week, I made the below lonely sheep ATC for an online buddy.

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