End of an Age

The time for Maryland is past.
I didn’t post because the move was in full swing. DH came to take the last of the furniture away, I moved in with a quilter friend and her family, and closed on the house. I made a quilt that weekend, so my weekly streak is uninterrupted.
That week’s quilt symbolized new land and a journey into unknown. What lies beyond the hills, or around the bend in the water? I adapted this design from a very small (maybe 1 inch square) piece of silver cloisonne on display in my quilter friend’s house.
I drove like mad and heard this song, over and over. I liked it alot, until I heard it 35 times.
I got here in the Chicagoland area with time to spare to make a new quilt, and so goes the streak! I am on track to make 26 uninterrupted quilts. Here is a really bad picture of the one I did this week. My scanner, etc is in storage, so a digital pic will have to do.

This design came from my head during the drawing of form and line back around week 3-4. I was saving it for a time when time was on the crunch, which was now.

This week’s is almost done. The designs are simple because I don’t have a lot of room to work, but in looking at houses, a hobby room of my own is definitely in the plan.
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The Farewell tour

My quilt friends have surprised me with gifts this week and fond well wishes as I close the Maryland chapter of my life. Not that I won’t come back for visits, but it does feel…final.
I got a lovely package of vintage linens and a couple of fabric postcards in the mail. And I also had a farewell luncheon thrown for me. I feel truly special and I will miss all of these ladies. I will miss their motherly advice in the absence of my family, and in many ways I consider them all second moms. So many have been there for the various parts of my transition to being a “real adult” that I don’t know what I will do without them. Quilters are a truly special breed, and my Baltimore Heritage Quilt Guild friends are no exception. I had a unique experience being the youngest guild member for many many years.
My farewell luncheon was full of presents and I made my weekly quilt ( and a few other surprises) out of the tissue paper. I love travel stamps and since I am starting a new chapter in life, I thought I would use these fictional travel stamps to note what travels the future may hold. The technique was from Patricia “Pokey” Bolton’s Make It U class on Thursday night at the quilt show. I love how this turned out.
I also visited Ellicott City for the last time and loaded up on vintage damask napkins for dyeing. I will miss the historic Main Street of Ellicott City, Savage Mill being a close second. I had tea at Tea on the Tiber, walked through all the shops, and enjoyed the antiques on a gorgeous day. Maryland is full of history and I am sad that I didn’t get to see it all. There’s so many places that “if I only had enough time” I’d go and see. Why didn’t I do that over the past 11 years?
Two more weeks, and Maryland is behind me.

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Recap of International Quilt Festival Chicago

I did so much, it’s hard to remember it all.

First off, here is week 14’s weekly quilt, before I forget. The center is a scrap of fabric we played around with during QuiltingArts’ Make it U class at the end of last year’s show. Also, some silk rods I bought at last year’s show in the corners.

This year’s show had lots of classes lined up, and I hope to do more like this again. The Thursday preview was worth it, as I bought the majority of my purchases then. I also got into the two Make It U classes I signed up for on this day. Since these moved to a lottery system, Thursday is the best bet to get in.

Friday, I attended the reception hosted for QuiltArt.com email list and SAQA members by Karey Bresenhan and the IQA. I met fellow quilt artists at my table, got to see the famous tiara parade (which I will do next year), and also a beautiful 1860’s silk quilt that was on it’s way to a museum. It was a lovely event, and thanks to the lovely Karey for hosting it.

That same evening, I attended the very difficult to get into Friday Night Sampler, and those teachers were amazing. From Thermofax and gesso silk screening, to mosiac fusing, and other great classes, I learned so much in those 2 hours.

Saturday, I took a make-it-take-it on a felt flower pin, looked at all of the lovely art quilts and journal quilts, and shopped some more. I also met up with 2 fellow ATCers from my favorite ATC site, ATCards.com. I also took my dyeing fabric in the microwave class, and made some great fabric. I was lucky to get into the second most sought after class, the Saturday Night Sampler. This evening was just as good, but the highlight was elinor peace bailey. She is such a joy to listen to, so inspiring, and it was nothing to do with technique. Her art journal was amazing to look at, and I am so glad that I took this class just so I could have met her. She reminds me of JoMomma, my MIL, except elinor had pink hair.

This is a piece of lutradur and collaged background in a Make It U class tought by Patricia “Pokey” Bolton of Quilting Arts. I love how it turned out.

Finally, Week 15. It’s a quilting template I bought in 1997 that I traced and filled in with Fabrico fabric markers. I quilted it by hand, since I was away from my machine and needed to have something to do by handwork. You can see my pencil marking lines, which I will erase.

Before the show I went to quiltfabric.com, which will soon be my local shop, and Susan Marie’s, a shop near my dad’s house. Both stores were a delight, and at quiltfabric.com, even though the owner was getting ready for the show, was pleasant and very nice.

I left most of my bounty in Chicago with my DH and DF since I will be relocating there in 2 weeks, but I cannot wait to start making things with all of the great ideas I have in my head from attending the show.

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In Chicago

I’m in the Windy City to attend the International Quilt Festival and to scope out new houses. The house is under contract back in B-more so by the end of May I should be moved. I have 2 week’s worth of quilts to post, plus stuff I made at the show in the make-it-take-it areas.
I’m back Tuesday and should be able to scan and post then…

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I didn’t forget- Just busy

I didn’t forget to post my weekly quilt, I was just too busy to scan it. My laptop is dying and it takes an age to load up, so I waited to post on my lunch at work.

So here is this week’s quilt. I spent the weekend in Philadephia, attending a lecture series on Amarna and Ankhenaten, and also going to the King Tutankhamun show at the Franklin Institute. It was a very “Egypt” themed weekend, and I hurried home to make this quilt while it was technically the weekend.
I still want to put a few beads on it, so it’s not officially done. It has a favorite scarab bead making a shadow in my scan because it’s holding the scanner lid up. 🙁
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