Day 28 – Financials… The Income vs Expenses chart

I’m starting the beginnings of my data analysis for 2019 and this surprised me… this year my expenses were up and my income was down. This surprised me for a couple of reasons.

First, I traveled SO MUCH this year that in my mind the income had to be greater than before. I mean, when you do over 50K miles in travel and 122 days on the road, the income should be amazing, right?

Second, I really felt that this was an up year. It’s not that it is a bad year, but comparative to last year, it’s down.

Here’s a look at why the year was down. While I booked more workshops at shows, the sales AT those workshops were down. My sales to distributors was down and flat (again). Freelance writing was also way down. Sadly, with the bankruptcy of F+W Media, my royalties on things like my DVD, etc, were also down.

As with any business, it’s good to take in the numbers and not try to get too focused on the “down” part, but to focus on how to make those categories viable again. It’s important to always look for new revenue streams too!

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Day 27 – Absence and Change

I’ve been away from the blog in the middle of my own blog challenge. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but it happened.

On Dec 16th I flew to Orlando to pick up some very special cargo. That would be my boyfriend, and all of his belongings, and a very long and kind of rainy drive back to Chicago.

I had every intention of blogging during that time, and well…. It didn’t happen. And then, there was the move in, and all the things that happen when you merge two lives into one. Finding places to put everything in a house that’s already full. Who gets this or that side of the bathroom, the bedroom, the closet…. a life. He helped me decorate the tree and get a little of my Christmas spirit back. I’m enjoying this time immensely, and he’s a fabulous person to have all of this to do with.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying having someone to geek out with, to see Christmas lights with, and to share my adventures with. The cats immediately loved him, so he must be a keeper, right?

So… I’m sorry I have been away, but I’m back now, and I hope you all had wonderful holidays!

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Day 14 – The vintage gift pillows you never thought possible.

You really need to click through and read on, my friends… While in Houston Quilt Festival this year, I stopped at one of my favorite vintage linen vendors to buy pillowcases. If you know me, then you know I have a LOVE AFFAIR with vintage linens that include the handwork of our foremothers. That’s someone’s handwork, someone put time and effort into that and here it is for sale and I feel I must rescue it.

This particular trip I found a few funny hand towels, and a pillowcase with a cross stitched car on it. For $6, I could not pass it up. But underneath the car pillowcase is the one I’m referring to.

Now at the show, I even remarked to the vendor what my initial thoughts were: That this is a pillowcase to tell your husband tonight is “good to go” if you know what I mean. We laughed and had a chuckle and I bought it because it was funny. Then I unearthed it for last night’s Facebook Friday Live video.

And you all agreed with me! And that set me off to find out if these were for real, and YES, they are. On top of that, there’s a NO! Thanks to Ebay, these pillowcases are often referred to as “wedding game” pillows and were made as bridal shower gifts. There are bunny themes (which is hysterical) and also a pair of poodles that I can find so far. Also thanks to Ebay, this is coming to my house soon!

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Day 13 – Friday the 13th, a LIVE video, and other random thoughts

If you follow me on Facebook, you do not want to miss tonight’s Facebook Live! So many cool things to show you!

Thanks also to everyone who messaged me about yesterday’s post about the holidays. I’m sure i’ll get the Christmas spirit and my sewing mojo back soon.

From last year’s Christmas time Facebook Live.

I’m still working on my financials for the end of year, and I hope to have my Houston yearly analysis up soon. I know many of you look forward to that!

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Day 12 – Trying to get into the spirit…

Being home for a bit has a lot of challenges. For one, I’m trying to decorate for the holidays, and there’s just a little bit of spark missing. I’m hoping it comes back. Here is dad helping me with the tree and getting some lights on it. It doesn’t have any ornaments on it yet, which has been harder to tackle than I imagined since my mom passed.

The other spirit I’m trying to get into is the sewing spirit. I have approximately 10000 things to do and just can’t bring myself to go into my studio and get them done. Not to mention that the studio is a HOT MESS right now.

Not actual mess, but close…

I know that I have to get in there and just start. But that’s sometimes the hardest part!!!

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