I work in the comic book industry by day and am a fiber artist by night.  I am fascinated by the intersection of technology and textiles. Juxtaposing heirloom techniques in modern quilts is part of my design aesthetic.

photo by Bonnie McCaffery

I create original and contemporary designs for my art quilts. I use electronic components, as well as fusibles, yarns, jewels, sequins, beads, and various other media to embellish my work.

My quilts are all pieced, appliqued, and quilted by machine, but my recent work has incorporated many traditional heirloom fabric manipulation techniques.  My themes and subjects vary, from simple shapes, abstracts, to realistic interpretations of still lifes and portraits. Much of my work is small, often under 8 inches square. Recent work incorporates LEDs, microprocessors, and other electronic components to make my fiber art and quilts light up.

I am influenced by my other hobbies and interests, including comics books, science fiction, Japanese manga, anime and culture, and pop culture. You can buy my heirloom tools, DVD, and e-textile supplies in my Shop .




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