Technique of the Week – Season 2- Week 12 – Thermofax Screen Printing

This week on Technique of the Week, I try my hand at screen printing…again.  But this time I am using techniques from my friend Lyric Kinard’s DVD, Thermofax 101.  Check it out:

So as you can see, my results are a little bit better! And I’m sure with practice and the correct thickness fabric paint, I’ll be in the full swing of things very soon!

img025As I said in the video, Lyric is a screen printer and will print screens for you, so please be sure to check out her screen printing service.

In the meantime, I’m prepping for Houston Quilt Festival and the final video of this season next week! Stay tuned!

Technique of the Week – Season 2- Week 11 – Quiltsmart Printed Interfacing

img023This week on Technique of the Week, I am revisiting a technique that I absolutely HATED. Why you ask? Because the fine folks of Quiltsmart assured me that they had a revolutionary way of doing this technique that I would forever change my mind. And they were right. Check out the video:

So, as you can see, that old “watercolor” technique did not give me the magic tricks to learn to clip the seams so everything laid nice and flat! In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I said “this is genius!” while making it.  And the applique technique too, perfectly turned seams! img024

My friend Tracy made the Mondo bag for me and she said the same thing about the construction of the bag. She said while the actual part where the bottom of the bag forms is tricky, it’s actually easy if you just read the directions carefully and go slow with your sewing. Even she said that how it’s constructed is really ingenious. It took her about 6 hours to make the bag, so that makes this a super weekend project.

bittybagSo I have some goodies to give away from the folks at Quiltsmart! If you comment on this blog post, you can be entered to win a Bitty Bag pattern and panel, or a mug rug sampler panel (the same one I made above in the video)! How cool is that?  To enter, leave a comment (one per person please) and use a valid email so I can contact you if you win!  I’ll pick a winner at 7pm on Friday Oct 21st, CST.  Good Luck!

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Technique of the week – Season 2 – Week 10 – Sunlight Developed Dyes

totw10titleHello again everyone!  I’m so sorry for the delay in getting these videos up.  I had family in town and then I was not feeling well, so it was a bad time to be making a video when you are not feeling 100%.

This week’s Technique of the Week had so much potential, but I sort of botched the outcome.  Take a look at the video to see what I mean:

So as you can see I had lots of issues with this, but the fabric is still cool, it’s just not developed like I hope it would have.  Maybe I thought it would be like the cyanotype fabrics from the previous TOTW?  Who knows.

In the video I only mention Inkodye by Lumi as the product, but since then I found that there’s even a similar product by Jacquard!  So here’s the links to check them out. (As a reminder, buying through these links supports my TOTW series and keeps it going.)

So also at the end of the video I mention using Barrier Cream to keep my hands from getting dye all over them, and this is the link to the kind I use!

Give this technique a try, I’m sure you’ll have better results than me!

We Interrupt This Program…

Hey everyone!  So, my mother came to town to visit my sister (who is having a baby) which has thrown off my schedule for recording my Technique of the Week videos.  It happens, I guess…

So we will resume with Week 10 next week!  I’m excited to show you the awesome projects for the last 3 weeks of the season.

In the meantime, here’s my video on how to make the Quilter’s Knot!  I show this to all of my students, and it’s a handy trick to know.