Quilt Talk Blog Hop!!


My pal, Sam Hunter, has a great new book out!  Quilt Talk is one of those books that will be sure to be a staple in your library.  The reason being?  It’s a full alphabet… nay… a FONT.  It has every character!  Umlauts?  Got them.  Tildes?  Covered it!  She even covers Kerning, which ALL of my word nerd friends are going to love!   You can literally spell out anything with this alphabet.

The second reason this book is going to be one of your favorites?  It’s hands down one of the best descriptions of paper piecing I have ever read.  I have tried my fair share of paper piecing, and I can never remember how to start.  This book has amazing steps that are super easy to follow.

Of course, the projects ROCK too.  This quilt below sets my nerdy heart all a flutter!  It’s a perfect gift for all of my geek friends.  (Sam and I are fellow geek quilters.)


So have I got a wonderful treat for YOU!  Since Sam knows that I have a love abiding for all things Halloween and skulls, she has let me be the one to treat you to the BLACK scrap bucket on her blog tour!!!

BLACK Bucket

What’s this bucket thing?  Well, they are scrap bins that you can make spelling out the words of the colors!  You KNOW you want to make the whole set!  To download the BLACK letters CLICK HERE.  And to get the bucket pattern (good for every bucket on the blog tour) CLICK HERE!

Want the rest of the buckets and to win some prizes along the way?  Here’s the rest of the tour guides for Quilt Talk!

New Work in a Gallery

BesonnenheitHey everyone!  I have a new piece, called Besonnenheit (Prudence) in the Naperville Art League!

The name comes from a lyric in a song:
Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit
Der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit

It translates to:
The one who waits with prudence
Will be rewarded at the right time.

Here’s a flier and a sneak peek of the show:

Postcard 2014 revised2a


I hope you can come out and see the show!

Technique of the Week – Week 10 – Quilting with Wool

This week, we’re quilting with Wool, and not that fancy embroidery applique stuff, which is great and awesome on it’s own, but down and dirty machine applique!



Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon
Cost: Varies on what you spend on wool, but packets run about $15-$20

This was another project where I was stumped, but I had recently been inspired by topographical maps, and that fit the bill for this technique perfectly!   As I say in the video, I did not put any batting in this as it’s meant to hang on a wall.

You can get 100% beautufil wool lots of places, but I love the hand dyed wool from here: http://www.winterberrycabin.com/store/Default.asp

Add this trick to your quilting arsenal and try it out!

Technique of the Week – Week 9 – Golden Acrylics Paints and Mediums


Time to bust out some Golden Acrylics and give them a try on fabric!  Here’s this week’s video:

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Commitment: Weekend
Cost: Varies ($10-20 per paint or medium)

When my local sewing group booked a Golden Acrylics Instructor to teach us about the products they make and how to best use them, I took the class.  After the class, I left inspired to try to use some of their paints and mediums on fabric in my own quilting, and the result of my first experiment is in this week’s video.

Since then, I’ve used the combo of GAC-100 and GAC-900 in a few other art pieces and have been very happy.  Just goes to show you how you can broaden your artistic horizons if you are willing to try something new and play around a bit!