BEWARE of What You SHARE on FACEBOOK! Quilt Images for Scam Sites.

BEWARE of What You SHARE on FACEBOOK! Quilt Images for Scam Sites.

We are all served ads on Facebook that have quilts in them.  I have had friends on Facebook share beautiful quilts from ads they are shown.  Several of these are part of a NEW SCAM to spread their advertisement and get unsuspecting customers to place orders for these “blankets”.  But these sites take your money and send you nothing.

Here’s what they look like:


So the thing is that some of these images are of a real person’s quilt!  The one in the featured image and the top image in this set are photoshopped onto a background.  The quilt or blanket that was originally there you can see the edge turned upwards on the bottom right and it’s exactly the same.  This is what their website looks like:

IMG_6892 IMG_6887

There’s pages and pages of stolen quilt images or other artwork (like the dragonflies) photoshopped onto a blank “quilt” looking background.  Even the stitching is digitally added.  Almost all of the artists who have discovered their quilt image reproduced here had no idea it’s been done.  We’ll cover what to do if you are a designer in a minute.  These listings are way below what any real quilter would charge for their work, and people who have ordered (as discovered from the comments on the images) have said that they just take the money and do not send anything.  Researching the sites above they are based overseas in Asia.

When you see these ads, what can you do?  Well, let’s start with WHY you are seeing them. Facebook advertisers (including myself) use your stated interests to serve you ads.  When I do an ad on Facebook, I usually target people who like quilting.  So you can click on the little “…” in the upper right. Then Click on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

dragonfliesAd why

The reason I was seeing this ad is because I like the show Outlander!  Crazy, right?


Literally every day you are served with ads for products on Facebook and elsewhere that could be for products that are not real.  It’s hard now to understand what’s a real product (like mine) and what’s a fake one!  After all, the scammers spend their money to serve up that ad, and many of them are shared without you knowing that that artwork doesn’t belong to them.

So, here’s some guidelines:

1. If the artist is NOT CREDITED in the text of the Facebook post, DO NOT SHARE IT.  Would you like your work to be spread around the internet without credit?  No?  Then don’t do it to others!

2. If it looks Photoshopped, DO NOT SHARE IT.  Just don’t be that guy or girl who spreads obviously stolen work around.

3. REPORT the ad to Facebook.  Here’s how you do that.


ad report


Choose “It’s Misleading or a Scam”.  Facebook will tell you thanks for reporting it.   A few days later, you may get a rather frustrating message that says “We’ve review the ad, and it is not against our ad policies.” That’s a sad fact, that yes, this image is not against ad policies, therefore Facebook doesn’t know that these are stolen images or a scam website.  But don’t worry, that’s because there’s only one or two of us reporting them.  If we ALL report these scam sites, then they will move on to offering something else rather than stealing our beloved quilt images.  There’s power in numbers, so if it’s a scam site, report that ad to Facebook.

Now, if you are a quilt artist who finds your work copied onto one of these sites, you have a few methods you can do to have your image and their site taken down.   You need to be the original copyright owner of the image.  You will be serving them a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) Takedown notice.  The DCMA protects your copyright.  I found this website HERE to be a valuable resource in giving you the basics on what you need to do.  Don’t fret.

These guys usually crumble and start a brand new site with other images instead.  We all have to be on our guard for scams out there, but PLEASE take care in what you share!

Note: All of these images were reported to Facebook already.  If these are your quilts, I have tried to locate you to ask your permission, if you’d like them taken down, please notify me.

New Products in the Shop!

I’m very excited to have released a bunch of awesome new products this fall!  Here’s a sampling!

cheryl NYGQThe “Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter” t shirt shows the world that you are not the typical quilter, but one that blazes your own trail!  Even if you do heirloom techniques (like I do) or avate garde art quilts, tell the world you are putting your own twist on it!  Get yours here.

NEW FROM MUPPIN.COM!There’s also a new Sewing Skull in the shop!  This skull design is made up of your favorite sewing tools!  Perfect for the rock n roll quilter in your life. The skull is the same design as the one in my original sewing skull.  Notice the smocking template in there? I had to.  Couldn’t resist…  Get yours here. 

IMG_5995In the Fabric Manipulation shop, there’s all new patterns for your smocking template as well as the coolest new thread conditioner on the market!  Well, it’s actually the oldest thread conditioner, since it’s made of 100% beeswax, just like your grandmother used to use!  Comes in a convenient lip balm tube so you can use very bit of it.  No more digging in the bottom of a tub. Get yours here! 

5+Light+PacksThere’s a TON of new LED products in the ETextile shop.  All new sensors and the paper version of my ETextile book!  Sew Much Fun! Check them out here.

is now for sale onLastly, there’s a new category! My other business, Sew Much Cosplay, has some awesome products for both cosplay and quilting.  I am in love with the line, and am proud to carry everything in my own shop. Check out the Cosplay Shop here! 

I hope there’s something for everyone in the shop, so please visit and let me know what you think!

SIGN UP For My Classes for Fall Quilt Festival 2018!

SIGN UP For My Classes for Fall Quilt Festival 2018!

Here’s the list of my classes!  Head over to to sign up starting Monday July 16th!  There’s a ton of business classes and fabric manipulation classes!  Here they are….


Monday November 5th


Tuesday November 6th

Wednesday November 7th

Friday November 9th

Saturday November 10th

Cotton Cuts Mystery Quilt REVEAL!

Hey you!  Remember when I made my VERY FIRST mystery quilt block for a charity quilt with all money going toward the sheltered workshop for disabled individuals that they use for their fulfillment, Valley Industries???

Here’s the Final REVEAL of the Mystery Quilt!

And YOU can enter one more day to win it over HERE!!  Get to clicking!  

Cotton-Cuts-600x255And lastly, the signups for the next mystery quilt will open on May 25th at You have to check it out!!! Thanks for letting me be part of this awesome project, CottonCuts!!



Time to Spring Clean MY Studio!

Time to Spring Clean MY Studio!

Spring Clean Your StudioBlog Hop 2018 (1)It’s my turn on the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog hop!  Hooray!  If you haven’t checked out all of my friends’ blogs on the hop, there’s a handy list on the bottom to check them out.  I really love looking at people’s studios, and I get so many organization tips from getting that insider sneak peek.  Be sure to leave them a comment and say hello!

IMG_4060 IMG_4059As you can see, my “before” pictures are not that bad!  This studio has definitely been worse, just look at previous year’s! Except…..

IMG_4062This closet is an absolute disaster.  The room in the house I use for my sewing studio has a wonderful walk in closet that I basically have just resorted to throwing things inside.  Plus, I’ve been getting into the bins and not replacing them properly.  It’s a big big mess.

IMG_4063 IMG_4064Here’s the lovely “after” in my main studio.  It’s a terrible grey rainy day, so the pictures are not as bright as I would like.

IMG_4066But the closet!  There’s a floor!  You can walk in it! Things have been put away!  Now let’s see how long it can stay this way.

IMG_4067Here’s a reverse shot of the sewing room from the closet.  Not bad!

I hope you take a few minutes today and visit all of the blogs on the hop.  Everyone did such a great job.  Check back too for updates from Quilt Market and where I’ll be teaching next!

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