Organizing the Business!



Here are my adorable cats, in my guest room, on a stack of comic book boxes.  (You know I work full time in the comic book industry, right? I get a lot of free comic books.) Anyway, I was having an issue with prepping orders from my shop in the office.  It was such a hassle to move around in there with my day job desk.  Once I ordered a giant roll of bubble wrap, I knew that the business stuff needed a new home. org3


My cats will be sorry to see this set of boxes go!  I headed to IKEA with my measurements for this wall, and a budget in mind. The comic book boxes got moved to another room in the house.

org 2And here it is!  I needed the cabinet door portion to keep all of the Skull tShirts I sell free of dust and cat hair.  One side is shipping and promotional materials, and the other is merchandise.  It’s great to have all of the components together and I’m really pleased with how it looks.  Yes, my guests will have to sleep with our business products, but it did free up tons of space in my office.


Technique of the Week – Week 30 – Freehand Discharge Paste Painting

yr4week30Here’s this week’s video!!!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon
Cost: Under $12 for the discharge paste

You can get Discharge paste by Jaquard at Dharma Trading Co.  Like I say int he video, you want to make sure you are in a well ventilated are for every step of this process!! This stuff is pretty smelly!

You will want to test fabrics to see what colors they discharge out to, as not all fabrics will discharge to white.  In fact, most will not!  Have fun with this one, and be sure to share with me what you make!

Technique of the Week – Week 29 – Sticker Resists


Here’s this week’s Technique of the Week Video!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon
Cost: Under $10 for the stickers and paint

This week’s technique is from the December/January 2009/2010 issue of Quilting Arts. While in Houston I had the great pleasure of meeting Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum, the author of this technique.  Basically, using a “dry brushing” technique over stickers, you get some great resist effects.  I used some foam stickers to spell out this phrase from H.P. Lovecraft and his short story “The Call of Cthulhu“.


Her article says that phrases are not recommended and I can see why.  These small stickers made making sure my paint was clearly in all of the little nooks and crannies a bit tough.  Also, if your spacing was not right, your phrases could come out jumbled and look like giant run-on sentences.  I worked my phrase from the bottom up.
This was quick to do, and the stickers I used were from Michaels and only $2.99 for my small pack of them. There are larger letters and more in the scrap book section.  If you have this issue, dig it out and give it a try!

Technique of the Week – Week 28 – Custom Rust Dyeing


Here’s this week’s video on Custom Rust Dyeing!  Check it out!

Skill Level:Intermediate
Time Commitment: Weekend +
Cost: Under $10 for the Quick Rust Steel

The trick to this wonderful project is this cool product called Quick Rust Steel from Down Memory Lane.  

This stuff is so easy to cut and use, you’ll want to find all kinds of crazy things to make.  When a friend told me about rust dyeing, I thought it sounded crazy!  Who would actually WANT rust stains on their fabric?  But once I saw how cool looking it was, I had to try it.   You can get beautiful shibori effects from just wrapping fabric around a rusty object, but I wanted a more customized look.  That’s where this rust sheet metal comes in.  Give it a try!


Autumn is for Birds – Blog hop

My friend Jamie Fingal has a super cute new line from Hoffman Fabrics called “Autumn is for Birds”, and Jamie invited me to be part of her blog hop to make something out of her adorable fabrics.  I have to tell you I’m super addicted to those stripes!!   Here’s my Robot art quilt made from her fabric line.  It’s 8″ by 9″.

img102Since I’m not really known for using prints, I started a table runner using some improvisational piecing and fabric manipulation techniques.  I wanted to see what happened to some of the prints when you used smocking and gathering on them!  Here’s the overall shot of the table runner, which has yet to be quilted.  It’s about 20″ by 34″.


This block is gathered using the gathering foot.


This block was smocked using my Heirloom Smocking Template.


This block was also smocked!  It’s so cool!


Here’s all the fabrics in the line.  What’s really awesome is Hoffman Fabrics is offering a giveaway of a bundle of the fabrics as a giveaway to one lucky blog hopper!   What would you make out of the Autumn Is For Birds line, if you could?  Your comments below on my blog count towards the giveaway, so be sure to comment!!  Comments open until Feb 25th!bird bundle 2015 Be sure to visit all of the blogs on the hop below for more awesome artwork made with Jamie’s fabric!

Feb 16 - Leslie Tucker Jenison
Feb 17 - Lisa Chin
Feb 18 - Cheryl Sleboda <–That’s ME!
Feb 19 - Stacy Hurt
Feb 20 - Candy Glendening
Feb 21 - Sue Bleiweiss
Feb 22 - Jamie Fingal