See My Work at Madison College – Gallery at Truax

gallery at Truax Madison College Matthew Ammerman
You can see my small quilts, including “You Better Twerk” (aka the Miley Cyrus Quilt) and the Hip Hop Slang series, at the Madison College – The Gallery at Truax as part of “Quilt Making: A Modern Practice”. I’m so honored to have been invited to show my work with the other fabulous quilts in this show.

Hours Week of January 11-15th
Monday (1/11) & Thursday (1/14) 10am – 3pm
Tuesday (1/12) & Wednesday (1/13) 7:45am – 4pm
Friday (1/15) 10am – 4pmyr2week10

Hours January 18 – February 18th or by appointment
Monday 12pm – 5pm
Tuesday 10am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 12pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 4pm

1701 Wright Street Room A1005 Gateway
Madison, Wisconsin

Reception January 28th 4-7pm | Meet some of the artists!

Photo by Matthew Ammerman

A New Years Resolution Made Me A Better Artist

Weekly Quilts
Way way back in late 2006, I decided that for a New Year’s resolution I would start 2007 with a weekly quilt each week, with a set of rules and a mindset that I would be in my studio more than I was before.

Of course, I had no idea that at the time I was making myself a better artist. And I also had no idea that I was about to plant all of the seeds for my future successes.

I know a lot of people get down on New Year Resolutions, but for me they created a mindset of a challenge (much like this 31 Day Blogging Challenge), and I found them to help me open the door to my creativity.

If I hadn’t done the weekly quilts, I would not have developed my “cartoony” style.

If I hadn’t done the weekly quilts, I would not have tried conductive thread, which would have stopped me from being in Quilting Arts in 2010, and then I would not be the eTextiles expert I am today.

If I hadn’t done those weekly quilts, I would not have tried fabric manipulation and have that become my current fascination and obsession.

If I hadn’t done my weekly quilts, I would not have had blog material over those 5 years to make me a better writer.

If I hadn’t done those weekly quilts, I would not have tried all those techniques that eventually became “Technique of the Week” videos.

If I hadn’t done those weekly quilts, I would not have, as Ira Glass says in his amazing quote, gone “through a volume of work” to close the gap on my ambitions.

dsc_0454If I hadn’t done those weekly quilts, I can honestly tell you I would not be at all where I am today in my quilting career.  I would not be published in magazines.  I would not have been on Quilting Arts TV or Its Sew Easy TV.  I would not have the blog or Facebook or Instagram following that I do.  And I would not be asked by guilds and shows to teach and speak.

So maybe your resolution is to learn something new, or maybe it’s to work on all of your UFOs, or maybe it’s to only sew your own stash.  Whatever your goals are, I hope you reach them all in 2016. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

As the year closes…

I want to thank you all for following along on the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.  It’s been awesome to follow everyone’s blogs and seeing you all so engaged. 

  The picture is my #bestnine2015 from Instagram.  It’s pretty perfect. 

I also want to thank you all for reading and/or being a fan of my work. I appreciate all of you more than you know. 

2016 looks to be as amazing as 2015.  I wish the same for you! 

I hope you had a great holiday!


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I took the past two days off from work, both my day job and my quilty job. I spent it with my family and my cats. I put up a very festive (and bright) tree. Starting tomorrow, it’s back to work. I have LOTS of great plans for 2016, and I cant’ wait to share them with you all!!