Technique of the Week – Week 8 – Lutradur

yr4week8Not every quilt is a winner. I really thought this would have turned out differently, and not look so….burn-y.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Commitment: Weekend
Cost: Under $15

So not every experiment comes out successfully, but this stuff was a lot of fun to play with before I quilted it down and burned it up.  I probably should have attached a pre-burned piece to the quilt and then quilted it.  I’m sure someone has done this much more successfully than I have, and that’s fine.  What I love about this series is that I can experiment with lots of different things and if I don’t like it, it is OK.  Want to try it out? You can get Lutradur here!



Technique of the Week – Week 7 – Freezer Paper Stencils

I know I’m a day late, but HEY, life is busy, ya know?
yr4week7So this week seems to be about stencils, and you still have a day to enter my Giveaway of those awesome Artistcellar stencils from yesterday’s post, so go check that out.
Here’s this week’s video:

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon +
Cost: Under $5

Freezer Paper is available at the grocery store, and once you have it, the uses for quilting are numerous!  But today we’re talking about using them as a stencil.  My favorite site for fun stencils is a happy little site called

Once you have your stencil drawn on and cut out, you iron it to your fabric, with the shiny waxy side down.  The wax will stick to the fabric, and you have a great, easy to use stencil area.  The nice thing is that the wax sort of seals the edges so if your paint is a tiny bit runny it won’t distort your image too much.  You do want to use a “dry” brush technique like we described in Week 6.  Peel away your stencil, and you are good to go!
I hope you are enjoying this series of videos and techniques to try!

Danse Macabre Stencils from Artistcellar! (plus a GIVEAWAY)


If you know me, I love a good skeleton.  After all, my front “parlor” is Halloween all year round.  I was married on Halloween.  So it was probably my love of all things Skulls and Cross bones that Lisa from Artistcellar asked me to be part of the blog hop for these awesome stencils.  Read on to see how to win a set for yourself!

The line, called “Danse Macabre”, is the new Signature Series by Beatrice Coron, an amazing papercutting artist.  They are just lovely. Of course, she has an amazing TED talk at that link too, so go check that out.


Being a fiber artist and quilter, I knew I could use these on fabric, but what to do with them afterwards to quilt them?

The Painter and Dancer stencils, I stenciled with iridescent black Pebeo Setacolor fabric paint on white fabric.  For the Dancers I quilted in ghostly clothes and ribbons.  For the Painter, I quilted the skeletons white and left the background unquilted, but put in the “heartstrings” with red thread. So cute.
img084 For the Housework and Online stencils, I used Jacquard Discharge paste to stencil the black commercial fabric, and then discharged the color away with a hot steamy iron.  (This is one of my upcoming Technique of the Week videos!) and then I used white acrylic paint to paint in the bones of the skellies.
img083 They finished up about 6 inches square, and I could see you making a quilt with all four as blocks.  As with all Artistcellar stencils, these are incredibly detailed and are really high quality!

Check out the rest of the hoppers on this blog tour! They are amazing artists too, and they have done some incredible things with these stencils!

September 20th – Lisa Cousineau, Artistcellar
September 21st – Jill K Berry –
September 22nd – Janet Ghio –
September 23rd – Cheryl Sleboda – <<== That’s ME!
September 24th – Sarah Trumpp –
September 25th – Diana Trout – 

Before you run away, be sure to comment on this post to win a set of the stencils yourself!   Be sure to use a working email address and I’ll pick a random winner by Friday September 26th at 5pm!  Good luck!

Comments are now closed and the winner will be notified via email.  THANK YOU everyone!

Technique of the Week – Week 6 – “Texture Magic” Fabric

yr4week6This week, we’re texturizing fabric, with this cool product called Texture Magic!  Check out the video:

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Time Commitment: Afternoon +
Cost: Under $25

productimage-picture-texture-magic-14243This is one of those projects where even though I didn’t care for it, doesn’t mean that you would not find it incredibly fun.  I did enjoy the sewing and texturing the fabric parts, but the end result wasn’t something I was thrilled with.  However, that’s because I have done this type of texturing by hand before, and I could control the results.  If you are the kind of artist who likes a little random factor in their work, this is definitely for you.   Superior is one of my favorite brands, and this is cool stuff, it just was not made for me!  Superior has done a great job of providing videos on how to use it, so I’ll just leave that linky here for you to view on your own!

If you want to try giving this a shot, you’re in luck, because I’m cutting apart my leftover sheet of Texture Magic and I’m going to give 10 lucky commenters the ability to try it for themselves!  The piece you’ll get is small, about 8 x 8 inches, which is just enough for you to play with and make a small patch to insert into a mini quilt.  So, leave a comment, and on Sept 23rd I’ll pick 10 comments at random to get a piece of this in the mail to try out.   Be sure to tell your friends and good luck!

Thanks for commenting everyone! I’ll be contacting you all for addys for your 8 x 8 inch samples! I have enough for EVERYONE who commented! (And comments are now closed!)

Technique of the Week – Week 5 – Painted Wholecloth Quilting

I’m sure you have seen many Wholecloth painted quilts that are painted BEFORE they are quilted. But have you tried painting a quilt AFTER it’s quilted???

Check out this week’s video!!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Commitment: Weekend
Cost: Under $5
The technique here is to quilt your design, and then use a “dry brushing” technique to paint the raised surfaces of the quilting! I drew my octopus with an erasable gel pen, and then quilted the heck out of it!
Then I used a thick brush like in the video, and the idea is to get paint on the brush and then get most of that paint off the brush on a napkin or paper. Then, using a light hand, you gently go over the surface of the quilt. I used several colors to highlight my octopus design.
This was one of my most favorite projects in this series so far, so do give this a try!!!