Radical art

My attempt at subversive art is shown here. The ghost and the blob are from a sketch made on 8/5/07, inspired by the San Diego Comic Con. Maybe Pac-man influenced too, DH says he sees the ghost and power pellet. I did the hatching embroidery during my sister’s play on Sunday. (I had seen it before…and it was outdoors… I was not a bad patron!)

I also attended the Wizard World Chicago show on Thursday and Friday, and met the following artists:
Josh Johnson- great brown art www.spindletons.com
Christopher Uminga- love this subversive style www.cuminga.com
Samantha Kyle- and her funny webcomic www.randomassembly.com
Kei Acedera from www.ImaginismStudios.com – Great art.
Anna Borowiecka- beautiful fantasy stuff www.wingedchime.net
Corwin Gibson Neat stuff at Luchadork
Misty Coats of www.crimsonsonata.com
Erika of www.simplyerika.com who has beautiful work
Doug Kovacs of Planescape DnD fame! www.dougkovacs.com
Katie Cook- how did I miss you at SDCC? www.katiecandraw.com cute!
Cynthia Cummens- also an ACEO artist! Who knew? www.cynthiacummensart.com

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Waiting, the DVR, and no picture.

Waiting for a report to “spool” for work, which sounds way more arty than it really is. No quilt, not yet at least, so no picture for you.

The DVR (digital video recorder) has changed my television viewing habits. I can record shows all day long, and zip through them in mere minutes. This is very effective for the shows I like on HGTV, DIY and the local PBS stations about sewing. I record quite a few shows during the day, and then fast forward through them on the weekend. If they do a project I don’t care for? I just zip on by. Missed a step? Rewind. Very convenient.

This week, I ended up doing some sketches for more weeklies. Need to get my round robin project out the door. Did a few trades on ATCards.com. And I’m getting back to my “one hour a day” thing with my artwork. Just one hour a day, and I;m always surprised what I can get done.

The quilt studio is messy right now as I opened more boxes, and DH helped hang some wire and clip systems to hang my stuff from the walls. We realized we needed drywall anchors too late, and now have postponed that project until this weekend.

My mother will be in town, so I need a fast project to complete this week’s quilt, but I am looking forward to having some time and getting a really complex one done in the near future.

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What’s old is new again

What is old is new again this week for my weekly project. I have cracked out this old square, a U.F.O. as it were. (UnFinished Object)

This project was started at a retreat several years ago, out of a Quilts Japan magazine from 2002. It is not squished, like it is shown here in my scan. I did practice my microstipple quilting on this project.

My other weekend accomplishment are some abstract ATCs for a swap online.

I love the fabric here and enjoyed making and beading them.

I bought two new books, one by Stampington And Co called “Artful Blogging”, and another called Creative Embellishments by Sherril Kahn. Creative Embellishments is good, and has some neat projects that I would like to try on fabric only. Artful Blogging was light on “content”, although there were pretty pictures, and gave me a few more blogs to read each day. I don’t think I’ll buy this one again.
More shows coming up this this week, Wizard World Chicago. And a visit from my mom. Going to be busy!!
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ComicCon International and inspiration file

Back from San Diego Comic Con where I worked a great many hours and caught whatever the fellow booth mates had.

I beaded this weekly quilt while there, having finished the main work on Tuesday evening before flying out the next morning.

There are some amazing artists out there, and all were so different. I met quite a few.

Here are a bunch of artists I met while at the ComicCon.

The fine folks at Slave Labor Graphics (including my buddy Dan Vado, to whom I dedicate my chicken hat) http://www.slavelabor.com/

Erica Vess (related to Charles Vess) http://www.beeskneesstudio.com/

CJ Metzger at her “ArtistSisters” booth http://www.cjmetzger.com/

Nan Kim and her adorable art http://www.nanamation.com/

Eric Davison and his squid art http://www.ericdavison.com/

Stephanie Roberts’ fairie paintings http://www.stephanieroberts.com/

Lark Pien (whose little bat watercolors I bought) http://www.larkpien.com/

Brain Ewing, whose stuff is amazing http://www.brianewing.com/

Darryl Young and amazing color use at http://www.diddleliddle.com/

the adorable art of Fomato http://www.fomato.com/

Andrew Bawidamann and some of the most beautiful pinup that is actually tasteful http://www.bawidamann.com/

Mari Inukai – beautiful paintings- http://www.mariinukai.com/

Rochelle Heagh Phister and her dark art at http://www.darksartparlour.com/

http://www.toshwerks.com/ cute bags and sewn stuff!

Lucien Shapiro and his creepy sculptures at http://www.lucienshapiro.com/

Gris Grimly, whose desins I adore http://www.madcreator.com/

Love the girls from the Tired Girl Collective http://www.tiredgirl.info/

Christina Benavides (whose small watercolor furry animal painting I bought) @ http://www.leadpointcomics.com/

The Toxic Toon Team at http://www.toxictoons.com/

The changing portraits at http://www.hauntedmemories.com/

And in the airport…Jesse Hernandez http://www.immortalstudios.com/

So what else did I see that inspired me?

The TokiDoki booth http://www.tokidoki.it/

Kokeshki Ink, from Spicy Brown http://www.spicybrown.com/

So much, and I have so many ideas now. To the sketchbook, Robin….

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