Did a lot of "studying" this week

I spend my lunch hours away from my desk now. I have been studying my new Quilting Arts magazine with line and form and shape, and came up with a few sketches. This looks very close to one of them except for there are fewer dark squares in this finished project.
The two shades of the background fabrics are Cherrywood hand dyes. I made a shawl of the most beautful greens from a pattern they had at the Chicago show last year. This was some of the scrap and a neat stitching pattern I saw on someone’s wearable art.

Speaking of the Chicago show, I have registered and got in ALL of the classes I wanted this year!! So, now it will be a matter of will I already be living in Chicago by the time the show rolls around in April? Maybe not. That means I’ll still have to fly in. I’m still excited.

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Three for three

I did complete the quilt in time, but just didn’t post because I was so tired.

This is based on a project I saw last week on Uncommon Threads on the DIY/HGTV craft hours, which thanks to the miracle of DVR, I have been watching lots of lately.

This is a Mola style project. It didn’t turn out like I expected. I have a last touch or two to put on some paisley ATCs and they get mailed tomorrow. My round robin is on Saturday and Sunday my husband is taking me to PA for lunch and quilt stuff with my MIL. Did I mention I was moving too?

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Two weeks, two quilts

Another week, and I have kept up with my goal. This was not the quilt I had originally wanted to make, but I do like it. I worked with angelina fibers and sewed them down as the tree leaves. I used some hot fix rhinestones as flowers in the field.

Two trading cards were done with thread -play trunks as the studies for this project.

The house is a mess, but the realtor says using the quilts to stage the house is exciting… who knew!

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Machine is back…Week 1 quilt done

New Chenille cutter. Still needs to be washed in order to pouf the layers.

The machine was a bump in the mechanics inside the machine. Not sure what I did to knock it out of whack, but it’s fixed now. Didn’t cost as much since it was under warranty. I was glad it came back early too, so I didn’t hav to derail my weekly quilt project so early in the game.

Button cards for a swap.

These cards are going to Scotland. After these, i only have two more swaps I promised myself to and then I have been signing up for one on one custom card swaps instead. It’s easier and I get to make what I want.

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We have a piper down!

Funny how the best laid plans can go awry.

My Janome 6500 QC is broken, probably a blown fuse. It’s at the shop, where John, the local repair guy is going to make it work again.

Have to break out the “Beast”, my MIL’s 1983 Viking that says “COMPUTER” on it. It has these embroidery “cards” that you snap in like old video game cartidges. I only have the one basic cartridge. It only likes rayon threads. Eww.

I planned on working on the Week 1 quilt, so I’ll have to adjust my plan on what to make to accomodate the Beast.

Get well soon, little Janome!

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