Happy New Year

Did a lot of quilting and art stuff.

Custom cards for a trade online.

Hand carved stamp block print and stamped onto fabric.

Crazy quilt cards for a swap.

Also did some needlepunching and some crocheting wool for a felted project. This weekend is Week 1 of a “quilt a week” project…

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Christmas bonanza and New Year’s Goals

I have done so much lately and so very little.

I got back from my quilt retreat in November and made a ton of cards for ATCards.com and a journal quilt piece.

Then, a baby quilt for a co-worker. It was a kit quilt, with some of the Minkee fabric in it. It was really soft and fluffy, as I used a high loft poly-batting.

Now Christmas is here, and I have been making felted crochet bowls, and a felted crochet purse. I got a bunch of quilting books, patterns, a needle felter, an embroidery punch, a pack of wool roving, and a pair of earrings, which were not quilting related. 🙂

Instead of New Years’ Resolutions, I am instead making New Years’ Goals. These will be hard to keep giving all we have planned for this year in general, but in regards to quilting, here goes:

  • A mini quilt a week. My stated size will be 6×6. If I cannot make the quilt, I should at least design one.
  • Participate in the monthly Journal Quilt Project 2007 with quiltart.com email list participants.
  • Cut back on ATC swaps that don’t hold my 100% interest.
  • Try at least a new technique a month (thus the quilt a week).
  • Cut back on my volunteering with the quilt guild.
  • and lastly, attend at least two quilt shows, one of them being Chicago.

Pretty intense, but I have about 12 ideas for the mini quilts already. I plan to use them as fuel for the journal quilts. I’m so excited to get started!

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Princess and the…

I had this idea in my head for a while, and decided to make it for a custom trade I was asked to do with somoene from ATCards.com. Click for a better view. I’m looking forward to making more, as the peas are stuffed trapunto work.
I finally got all of my artist submission stuff back from European Papers. Didn’t make the poster, or win a prize. Bummer. But, at least I entered what I thought was a fantastic work.
I am going on retreat again in a week and I have a whole host of things to do for custom trades, swaps, circle journals, round robins, and something new called a “jam”.
The Jam works when one artist starts the work, and makes 3 sets. Then the works are sent to a second artist, who works on all 3, and then sends them to the next artist, who works on all 3, then mails one each to the first two artists. I was sent a Jam for a circle journal page (all 3 of us are the the fabric circle journal round robin) and also an ATC jam was included. Lots of fun stuff.

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Art, for art’s sake

I did some non-quilty projects along with some more trading cards and journals. These are matchbox shrines done for a swap.

I am going away on another retreat in Nov., so I will get lots of work done there.

The journals are 6×6 inches and sent all over the world, the page with the geckos below is one made for one of the fellow artists.
I have been paticipating in fewer swaps in anticipation for the holidays, knowing I won’t have the time commitments, among other reasons. The swaps haven’t been as “fabric friendly” nor have my returns been on time or something I expected, so I’m just cutting back.

Did some wool felt beads and got back to making some kanzashi flowers. I need to get back to sewing during my lunch hour, away from my desk again. I miss that. I also need to seriously update my quilting pages of www.muppin.com.

We saw Mozart’s Requiem on Saturday and it really inspired me to find a good recording of it and use it to fuel some quilt work.

The shrine I am working on is coming along, the beading is next, and there’s a lot to be done. I want it to be “encrusted”.

A fellow quilter gave me a three or so yard cut of a giant Egyptian print on a cotton-duck (or duck-like) fabric. It will fit the bathroom, so I need to sew grommets and hems and make it our shower curtain. The fabric cost her a dollar at a quilt show. 🙂

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