Dryer Sheets

I found that Setacolor fabric dye will dye used and re-washed dryer anti-static sheets. I was dyeing some fat eighths and I had leftover dye. I also dyed a “color catcher”, those things from Shout brands that you throw into the wash with things that might bleed onto your laundry. It took the color pretty well. I’ll get some pictures of them up here soon. Funny….it was a beautiful sunny Sunday until I started dyeing outside. That’s when the clouds rolled in. So much for SetaColor sun painting… The dryer sheets were very bright until I washed them in Synthrapol, but they are still definitely dyed. Next time I will use more concentrated dye, mine was a little thin.

In the meantime, I have some new ATCs on my trading card page, as well as all of my dimensional flower projects on my 3-D page. Here is a card made from vintage Kimono fabric.

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…my preciousss….

The Friday Lunch Bunch Round Robin group has a new theme for next year’s round. Precious fabric. You put in your most precious fabric, and make the first block to set the theme. The rest of the fabric goes in the box, and off it goes. Yes, it’s difficult to say goodbye to it. That’s the point. What will I put in? Perhaps my only hand dyed fabric. Each in it’s separate fat-quarter stack, I have never found the project for it. Maybe this is it…
The first round is in Sept. 2006.
Picture courtesy thonering.net

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Back from Chicago’s International Quilt Festival

Wow. What a great time I had at the quilt show in Chicago. I took great classes and met lots of people. I enjoyed the classes offered by Cloth-Paper-Scissors and their “Make-It-U!” section. This was fantastic, an hour long class in something new and exciting for only $5! I only wish I had time to take more classes there. Next year I suppose…

I took a class on using Angelina Fibers from Betty Blais, who is one of the nicest people around. I was “teacher’s pet” which you sign up for before the class, and that means you sign people in, help the teacher, etc, and you get a pin for doing so after the class. Betty was great and I’ll scan what I made in class soon.

I met a nice lady in line waiting for an ATC (Artist Trading Card) class and we decided to trade through the mail. My cards that I made to trade are now up on the trading card section of my site.

Now, the best thing about the whole show? I mean, the thing that made my week? My trading card that I mailed in to Quilting Arts Magazine was on the wall among about 150-200 other trading cards. I was elated, like somehow I had finally “made it”. Now, yes, there were about 200 up there, but the magazine said over 800 were mailed in. I’m posting a pic or two here but I’m sorry there is no way to credit those hanging near mine, they were not listed with names…

Mine is the one with the yellow top left triangle. The image I took of it before I mailed it off is on my website.

It totally made my day, week, month….

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sweet home, Chicago…

I am back home in Chicago for a week and am trying to keep myself busy until the quilt show!!!
Today, I spent 3 hours driving and visiting quilt shops on the south side, where I am from.

First stop, Threadneedle Street in Orland Park. Cute shop, lots of Thimbleberries fabrics, some batiks. Seemed to me like everything in this shop was one color? Anyway, I bought some orange hand dyeds and batiks. Char, the owner, was super nice!

Next stop, Quilfabric.com near Naperville. I drove a bit to the north west side of the city for this one, but it was worth it. The shop is amazing and the selection grand. “known for the batiks” is right. Holy cow. Lots of staff, and lots of selection. They were getting ready for the show, as they are a vendor, which is why it took them a few minutes to notice I was ready to check out.

Next, Susan Marie’s in Palos Heights. It’s a beautiful shop, but the staff pretty much ignored me until I was ready to pay. Light on selection, but this shop is definitely slanted toward the brights. Few thimbleberries here (thank goodness). They made up for the ignoring me by the big sale they had going and my free tote for signing up for the newsletter.

Last, Sew Creative in Tinley Park. Oh, too bad the hometown (or closest to me) is the worst of them all. Mish-mash selection. I found some Lonni Rossi typosheres and asked for a yard cut. She would not cut through the repeat and would only either give me a 2/3 yd or 1 1/3 yd cut! Um, customer is always… Geez, forget it. Seemed like I was troubling her just by being in the store, she was watching tv.

So there. My average purchase per store was $20.

The picture here is by Richard L. Baron. Called “The El Chicago” (C) 1999.

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Here it is, after the big reveal dinner!

It’s great, and I love how it turned out.

I intend to add more quilting in the pink areas at the top and in the black sections, there is actually only a little quilting there.

Thanks to Joan, Jean, Jane, Barb, Amy and Denise!

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