See my DIY Hack on Machine Quilting Unlimited

machine side (2)Did you know I’m the blogger for Machine Quilting Unlimited?  Well, now you know!  And today over on their blog I share how to hack a computer table like this one below:

I had to make some adjustments to make it work, so I did this little Hack to make my sewing machine fit in the keyboard drop down area.  Check it out by clicking here! And if you need a table like this for your machine, you can click that Amazon link, and I’ll get a few pennies that help me keep the lights on.  Enjoy!

A Gift for a Job Well Done

You may remember last December I worked on a repair of a pretty damaged quilt for a friend. You can see the before picture here.

This is the finished repair, which has long since been returned to its owner. Can you tell which corner was the damaged one? I will give you a hint. It’s the bottom left.

Today a sweet gift arrived unexpectedly to thank me for the repair. I didn’t expect anything, it was my pleasure to do this for my friend and to honor her late mother. My friend does much to rescue dogs so I love the little doggie tin that will remind me of her.

A Sweet Doll for my Niece

I’m in no way a doll maker or anything but this panel by Moda is so cute I had to get it for my baby niece. The panel is called “A walk in the woods” and has Hansel, Gretel, woodland creatures, a skirt for the girl, a pillow and quilt. What a super cute panel!!!

I was short on time, so I planned to make the Gretel doll for her birthday and the rest of the panel for Christmas.

Here’s the doll and skirt before stuffing.

Post stuffing.

Look how cute! The legs and arms have seams so the doll can sit. I was impressed. I kind of wanted to keep her.

The doll was a hit! She hugged the doll and loved on her right away, so I think the rest are good to go for Christmas!

Day 1 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

BlogChallengeYr3 (1)


For 3 years now in December I’ve been the host of this blog challenge where we spend all of December posting on our blogs every day for a month.  “But WHY December? It’s so busy!” you say?  Yes, December is one of the most hectic months for us as business owners. So the idea is that you build up these habits to blog every day for a month and then blog more often as a result because you created these good habits.

One of my additional challenges I’m giving myself is to share with you more sewing and quilting related stuff!  I’ve got a few projects that are coming off of hold, and I can’t wait to dive back in and start showing that stuff to you again.

I hope you enjoy the month along with me.  Want to follow other blogs that are participating? Check them out here!

Take a Business Class with Me at Quilt Festival!


I have been very lucky to take awesome business courses as part of Quilt Festival in the past, and I’m super stoked to be teaching a few of my own again at this year’s show in Houston, TX!  I have 2 three hour classes and one that is all day! Here they are:

First up on Tuesday, Oct 31 is  250. BUILDING THE RIGHT QUILT BRAND FOR YOU  *$51