Day 4 – BIG Announcements… BIG.

Ok… Are you ready for this? (Am I Ready for this?? ha ha)

First off, I’m launching an Heirloom Sewing Technique of the Month Box!


This box is curated to have a technique focus on one fabric manipulation, a tool, a pattern for a mini quilt or craft, and one goodie I think you will like.

The preorder for the January Box is live, so hurry on over and grab yours before they are gone! And the bundle is exclusive so don’t miss out!

Next up is I’M TEACHING VIRTUALLY IN 2021! Yes, you read that right! I’m going to be holding LIVE virtual classes in January and all through 2021. The first few are some of my favorites and I can’t wait for you to join me there! See the list of all the classes HERE! And if I’m not teaching the one you want yet, let me know!

We are doing Fabric manipulations, Cartooning, Smocked Pincushions, and more in January. Stay tuned for the rest!

Today’s item is sure to sell out, and we have some of the previous 12 day items still in stock so CHECK THOSE OUT TOO!

I’m having a blast writing on my blog again, and I hope you are having fun too. Be sure to check out the other blogs in the challenge!

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Day 3 – Machines need bling!

This year I launched an amazing cool product… the Ring Thing. While it’s great for the back of your phone, you can also put one anywhere you need to hold something… Say like your machine? You can also use it to hold your readers…. ask me how I know! ha ha

It’s been a hot seller in my shop this year, and maybe you need one for your machine or to give as stocking stuffers for the sewists in your family? HERE to get yours!

Also, today is day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas sale (and the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge too!)and today’s item of the day is a super deep blow out sale discount on my Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter shirts! Hurry and get yours!

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Day 2 – Stranger things… and free stuff

I had every intention of writing a different post, but my day started “off” and it’s gonna take me a while to pull myself out of it. I’m sure you know how it goes.

So while I’m trying to pull myself back together I got to thinking about my catalog that I created in the second half of this year and they have gone out with all of the orders for most of the fall.

But then I realized, what if you wanted one of my catalogs, but didn’t place any orders to have one included? Well, I’m going to give you one if you want one, FREE, if you email me your mailing address. The email to send your address to is Normally here I’d say something about how your address won’t be used for advertising, but… you are getting a free catalog. Of advertising. But I will say I won’t use it or anything else, so how about that? 🙂

Other than that, the 12 Days of Christmas sale is going on over on my shop page and today’s item is our sewing skull tape measure. When the sale quantities are gone, they are gone!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Day 1 – Welcome to another 31 days of blogging and a special 12 days of Christmas!

Hello. Today is Dec 1st, and that means I’m doing 31 days of blogging for the sixth year straight! I’m excited to do something positive for myself and this woefully neglected blog.

Which it should not be as neglected as it is, because really my entire career started because of my blog. Way back in 2006, I started posting about my quilts and adventures, and well….. here I am.

But you need to head over to the list of other amazing bloggers who have joined and maybe you will find your new (second) favoritest quilter. 🙂

I’m excited to announce today the 12 days of Christmas specials on my website. These are items that are on super discount just for the day, and then the next day a new item is added! Today’s item is the Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter Mug.


It’s going to be an amazing month with so many cool announcements and specials and things going on. Hold on to your butts. I’m just getting started.

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A Quilt Challenge for Family

This past summer, my aunt contacted me with a picture and a request. My cousin Dawn loves this blanket that she’s had since childhood, and my aunt wondered if I could transform it into something usable.

Let’s talk about this blanket, which is more like a comforter from the early 90’s. The fabric is a polyester blend, and was soooooo thin it was barely there. Some of the fabric was torn and bad, but this balloon design was essentially both sides of the comforter.

I took it apart to remove the polyfil batting. But the fabric was so thin, I was worried just quilting it would not stabilize it enough.

That’s where Power Boost Interlining came in. It fused beautifully to the fabric, and prevented it from stretching any during quilting.
There was a decent amount of fabric I could save, so now the challenge was how to use it all. Of course, one of the largest pieces became a small lap quilt. Those dark lines are where the original comforter stitching was!

Now back to the batting. When my sister needed to save her baby quilt from shredding even further, I found a small amount of similar fabric and made a pillow so she could put her blanket scraps inside and save them but still have them. I decided to do something similar with a couple of scraps of the balloon fabric!

I shredded the matted polyfil batting into pieces to stuff into one of the pillows. The other, I made into a zippered pillow in which the rest of the fabric and batting piece went, so that if down the road my cousin wanted to make something else from the fabric, she could. It’s like a fabric safe to keep those pieces close by.

My cousin loves the final results and sewing this family project really got me out of a sewing slump this summer!

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