Day 10 – My First and Latest Quilts

It’s a bad picture, but it’s not the greatest quilt, either. I will say it’s used in my house to this day, and is pretty ratty at this point. The cats love it. But this was an “ugly fabric” challenge quilt that I participated in at my quilt guild back in 1997. I think the challenge is to decide which of the fabrics is the ugliest.

Fast forward to 2019, and here’s one of my latest quilts, the one that made the cover of Quilting Arts this month. Krackle Funf (Krackle Five) is one of my Krackle series of quilts and I just love this piece.

What does this really say? It says work every day, every week, on your art. You can go from the world’s ugliest quilt to one that graces a magazine cover. You can do it, I believe in you!

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Day 9 – Eaten Posts and A Day OFF!

I took a rare day off after the amount of travel I did last week. But I’m also a bit weirded out because I posted to my blog from my phone, but it looks like the posts were eaten by the internet. Which stinks, because it was a good one.

I’ll post that one tomorrow. It has to do with my first and latest quilt.

I restocked over the weekend for the Sew Much Cosplay Power Shine HTV Glitter and Foils! These were featured in the issue of Quilting Arts that is on sale right now.

Dad and I shipped all the orders from Black Friday. The last day for shipping for Christmas is Dec 14th!

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Day 6 – Home Again

Travel is hard. But I’m finally home after taping the Con Crunch Challenge! I can’t wait for you all to see it.

I have some holiday sewing and much more to start as soon as I am home.

This is a picture on the set of the show, which is produced by the same company that makes Quilting Arts magazine. They had copies of the issue in the office which was exciting.

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Day 4 – Favorite Tools (and a sale!)

I have so many favorite tools, and it just so happens that I make them too. When I first was asked to teach smocking techniques, I knew I had to find an easier way to make the marking parts faster and easier. Then as I started teaching smocking, I wanted to tell my students about the amazing uses for Beeswax on their threads. Then I started making that too!

On the garment making side, I love glitz and glitter, but didn’t want actual glitter on my fabrics. (Who would?) But the Sew Much Cosplay Power Shine HTV glitter and foil is AMAZING and shed free!

Here’s the good news about my favorite tools… They are on SALE! Now through Dec 6th, use the coupon code HOLIDAY2019 and get free shipping on orders over $50. PLUS, there’s super limited edition bundles that include some pretty awesome discounts! If you ever wanted to stock up, or get those heavy shipping items, now is the time! Head there now!

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Day 3 – Machines, Mermaids, and More!

Today is all about showing your machine, and while I sew on my BERNINA 750 QE normally, I thought I would show you this machine I picked up at an auction for $8! So many of us collect machines that are decorative for our homes, but this is the first Illinois machine I ever found.

I’m in Colorado at the taping for our new season of Con Crunch. If you didn’t know, I’m the host of a cosplay show. It’s a bit different to be on the hosting side and not in the “talent” end. It’s a great show about the challenges facing various cosplayers while they finish their costumes last minute.

This cosplay costume of mine is pretty special. I made the tail for an episode of Its Sew Easy, and the corset was from a different project. My mom (who recently passed away) loved mermaids, and I do wish she could have seen me in this cosplay.

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