Day 8 – The tree is up…and come see me in Naperville IL!


There’s one more trip this year on my list, so if you are near Naperville, IL on this coming Tuesday night, come see me lecture about “Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter” at the Riverwalk Quilters Guild!

I finally got my tree up and I realized that I don’t own a tree skirt.  I used to use a specific blanket under the tree but that blanket no longer lives at my house.  So I need a good tree skirt…  Any pattern suggestions for me?

Also, I have SOOO much to do during my upcoming break, that it’s not really a break at all. I’m very much looking forward to doing a small amount of personal sewing during that time!

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Day 7 – Pixelating Blog Hop


Welcome to my turn on the Pixelating Blog Hop, which is in honor of my friend Toni Smith‘s book “Designing Block Quilts”!

pixelpartyNow maybe you know, or maybe you don’t know, that I own a cosplay company called Sew Much Cosplay, and one of the products in that line of awesome things is a new product called Pixel Party!

IMG_8089Pixel Party is a fusible grid that you iron 2.5″ squares to, and then flip and sew, just like in Toni’s book (see page 22).  Pixel Party is unique in the fusible interfacing world, because ours WASHES OUT at the end!  Yep, you heard that right!! No more super stiff quilts with that layer of plastic in the middle!

IMG_8067Here’s a skull pillow I designed using Pixel Party!  Look for a larger quilt pattern by the end of this year!

I hope you get a chance to see the other folks in the Blog Hop!  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  There’s a big big giveaway we are all part of that you can enter at the end of this post.  Visit these blogs and scroll down to enter!!
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Dec 5 –   Around the Bobbin –
Dec 6 –   Quilting Affection Designs  –
Dec 7 –   Muppin Inc –

Dec 8 – Winners Announced for the GIVEAWAY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Day 6 – Quick update from tv land!

It’s a wrap! I can’t wait to show you my newest segments for Make It Artsy, a tv show that airs on PBS and the Create cable channel. I had a long drive back, and one more trip this month. Stay tuned for a cool post tomorrow that includes a giveaway!

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Day 5 – Krampusnacht and Ohio

Gruß vom Krampus! (Greetings from Krampus!) It’s the night of the Krampus and here’s my cute adorable demon friend of St. Nicholas with his chains and switches. Krampus is who children meet if they have been naughty!

I’m in Ohio for a surprise! I’m taping two episodes of Make It Artsy! Wait til you see what I’m making. I’m super wore out from a day of travel and I need a nap desperately. I left so early so I didn’t put on any makeup but luckily Instagram has a filter to give me some eyeliner.

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Day 4 – No rest for the wicked.

When you’re constantly on the run, you need to figure out some basics. Like when to schedule hair appointments or remember to buy food so you have something to eat when you get home. Unfortunately I have yet to master these skills as I’m out of food and getting my hair done at a crazy hour because it’s the only time I have free.

One thing I know is that my machine needs a spa day. It’s getting a workout these last 24 hours to finish some special projects for a secret thing this week. It looks like a sewed through a unicorn in there.

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