Gruß vom Krampus!! It’s Krampusnacht!

krampusI’m a big fan of the resurgence of The Krampus, the creature that is one of the many companions to St Nicholas.  He punishes the naughty children by clanging his chains and threatening to carry them away in his basket and beat them with switches.  Merry Christmas to you, kids!

I made this Krampus mini quilt some time ago, and he’s not too scary looking.  I even used it as the cover for my Krampuskarten, or Krampus cards, as my holiday cards last year!  Tonight is Krampusnacht, which is the night before the feast of St Nicholas (on Dec 6th).  Soooo…  Gruß vom Krampus!! (Greetings from the Krampus!)


Starting a new project

I’m not in the quilt restoration business, but a long time friend sent me this picture and asked me if I could help.

lindas-star-quiltLinda is a tremendous animal lover and very active in rescue for dogs in Memphis, where she lives.  I’ve known her since we both lived in Maryland.  When she sent me this photo, she explained that her dog caught hold of this wallhanging and ripped it down.  Her mother had made it a couple of months before she passed away.   I told her I could take a look and see what I could do!

It’s now in my studio and I have assessed the damage.  I have pulled a couple of matching fabrics, thought I don’t have any of the fabrics that Linda’s mother used, which seem to be all of the same fabric line.

file-dec-04-10-18-44-pmOver the next few days, I’ll post some pictures of my progress (and the best part is I have Linda’s permission).


Winter Prep

Winter is a good time for sewing, but I have been so busy this fall that I accomplished precisely ZERO winter prep.  I understand it’s supposed to snow here in Chicago tomorrow, so I had to hurry and get my outdoor prep all finished today. Things like cutting down my beloved peonies, and raking leaves, and taking in the hose reel.

winterBut that means tomorrow is an ALL DAY SEWING DAY!  Hooray!

It’s not too late to join us on the blog challenge! :)


A new Headshot appears! And how I met Bonnie McCaffery…

HeadshotWhile I was in Houston, I signed up with my friend Bonnie McCaffery to have new headshots taken.  It’s not that my old one was bad… But I have often said that you should refresh your headshot often so that you don’t show up to an event and not look like what the folks there are expecting!  I have even been told “You look just like your picture!”  That’s great, but even this photo is about 4 years old.   bonnie-version-headshot

I’m super happy with the new headshot!  So Bonnie is a super professional photographer.  I had two “thoughts” I wanted to express to her about what I wanted.  I said I wanted a) a pointy chin, and b) to show off my dimple.  (I only have a dimple on one side) I also wanted my shirt to be in the photo so it advertised my product line.  This photo was the second one she took!  Amazing. She directed me expertly.  On top of it, she has done a little Photoshop magic on the background, and even without me telling her, the green is super close to my business’ branding!  Now the focus is on me and not all that stuff in the background of the previous one.

Bonnie and I met AGES ago, when I was first at International Quilt Festival in Chicago, 2008.  Funny thing about blogging, you can READ all about it here.   She had her vid casts going at the time, and I was literally watching one on my phone when she sat down right across from me to gather her stuff together.  I was so star struck I couldn’t say anything then, but we laugh about it now.  She is still a fabulous quilter and quilt teacher, and now is a superstar photographer.  I have come a long way since then too.  What a small world.

I hope you are enjoying the #31dayblogwritingchallenge, and be sure to visit the other bloggers! So many more people joined since yesterday.  I love you guys…  :)

Why December? #31dayblogwritingchallenge

31-dayblog-challenge-1When I would tell people that I plan to blog 31 days in a row in order to kick start my blog, lots of folks say “That’s great.  But WHY is it in December?”.  I know, it sounds crazy, right?  The busiest time of year, crunch time for the holidays, lots of people take time off, and it’s generally just a run-up to getting the year over with. (Especially this year).

But there is a reason I pick this month every year to host the #31DayBlogWritingChallenge, and it’s because if you can blog every day in the craziest, most stressful month of the year, you can kickstart your blog at any time.

I held a lovely webinar yesterday on Better Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day (On Demnad viewing link coming soon) and in it I tell my viewers that blogging is NOT DEAD.  Nope, it’s not.  In fact, it’s going to have a great “comeback” of sorts.  Why do I say this?  Because blogging isn’t dead, it’s the blogs that are.  Bloggers are the ones who stopped blogging, thinking that people only wanted to say things on Social Media.  That’s not entirely true.  So it looks like blogging is dead, but many many blogs, including mine, still continue to post.

So, consider joining our little Blog Challenge by clicking HERE and adding your blog to the roster.  We’d love to see you!