Technique of the Week – Season 2 – Week 8- Silhouette Mint

How cool would it be to print your own stamps and then use them on fabric?  Well, that’s what I’m about to try on this week’s Technique of the Week video!  Check it out below!

So as I said in the video, I wasn’t sure what I thought was going to print out of the little device, because I had traditional stamping in mind when I bought it.  The stamps are more like a plastic coated felt, and the printer etches into the plastic, leaving the felt area to be be inked and thus used as the stamp.


Once I adjusted how I normally print on fabric with stamps, it worked out just fine.  Now the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating my own stamps!

I’m also thinking this will be great for creating a nice presentation in my shipments from my shop, so I see lots of paper uses too.  If I were into scrapbooking or cardmaking, this would be a super item to try.

So I’m trying something new here on my blog lately.  The link above of the Silhouette Mint will take you to Amazon, and my lil website here will earn a couple cents for any purchase, which I always appreciate. Thanks!

Technique of the Week – Season 2 Week 7- Origami Folded Hexagons

Hey everyone!  This week I’m turning hexies into folded flower versions of them using an origami technique, and using some tools along the way as well.  Here’s this week’s video!

So a couple of things about this fun technique….  First, the tools.  The Clover Fabric Folding pen was a super cool find from Quilt Market a couple of years ago, and I was excited to find it was already available.  It’s great for any of my fabric manipulations, which was a cool bonus!

Second up, the technique… The trickiest part is not only doing the folds, but keeping the previous fold to stay in place while you fold the next fold.  I know that’s hard to get in the video, so I plan to do a detailed step by step later this week.  What I did mostly was to use my pinky to hold down the previous fold while I worked on the current one.  It sounds harder than it is.

img015I sure hope you enjoyed this video, so please subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you do.  Also, something I am trying out is a new affiliate link function, which if you order the items through the links on my blog gives me and my blog a little money back to help fund things like the giveaways and other cools stuff that me and my page and my YouTube channel are able to do.  SO, let me know your feedback on that.  I would never link to anything I didn’t personally use, so there’s that.   Thanks, and see you next week!

Technique of the Week – Season 2 – Week 6 – Inkadinkado Stamping Gear

InstaTOTWS2W6As you know I’m always looking for things that can be used on fabric or in my little art quilts, and when I came across this little gem in the scrapbooking section, I knew immediately I could use it on fabric. The Inkadinkado Stamping Gear kit has everything you need (except a stamp pad) and it was SUPER easy to do and a lot of fun.  Plus, the variations are endless, which makes this an easy repeat use item in your sewing room. (Keep reading for a fun GIVEAWAY!)  Here’s this week’s video:

The quilt options are pretty open!  You can make borders, you can make a medallion, you can make individual blocks, you can make art fabric that you cut up and use in your quilts….   So many options.  Plus, there’s other gears available, like squares, ovals, and tons and tons of stamps in all kinds of designs.  Art Deco?  Far East?  Floral or Fleur-de-lis?  They have them.



I paired my stamp with a skull I had in my stamp collection and I was totally excited with how it turned out.  Like I said in the video, you could also use these lines as quilting lines!  Then you’ll be making spirograph type quilting on your quilt.  So fun!


To celebrate this week’s video, the super fine folks from Simplicity have given me an Inkadinkado Stamping Gear set to giveaway on the blog this week!  How cool is that?  So go ahead and leave a comment and a valid email address in the comment form if you think you would use this in your quilts and how, and I’ll pick a winner on Friday September 2nd at 10pm EST.  (please only one entry per person)

PLUS, you can enter to win a set over on my Facebook Page AND on my Instagram this week, so be sure to follow me there to catch when that happens!  GOOD LUCK and have fun!

Technique of the Week – Season 2- Week 5- Deco Foil

decoTubeSometimes a product is so awesome, you can’t wait to show it to everyone!  And that’s how I feel about Deco Foil!  It’s super fun, and it’s SO SO EASY.  Check out this week’s video:

So as I said in the video, I have used this before in an issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, so I was familiar with the product.  My favorite of the 3 adhesives has to be the liquid adhesive, but the other two are fun too.img011

Deco Foil should be readily available at your various local craft stores, but if you want to see more on their website you can check them out at ThermoWeb’s website.


Technique of the Week – Season 2 – Week 4 – Cyanotype Fabric!

img010This week we are talking about Cyanotype Fabric, with really awesome pre-treated sheets you get from Jaquard!!  Check out this week’s video.

So these are SUPER simple to use, and I love that they give you so many in case you mess one up.  I think the toughest part about using them is thinking about what to make a print of!

Cyanotype-10-and-30-Pack-Sheets-500x500I got mine on Amazon, and they seem readily available.  I hope you give this one a try!  I am going to give you a hint to pay attention to my Facebook Page this week for your chance to WIN a set of your own, so be sure to LIKE my page to see when to enter!TOTWS2W4title