Day 18 – A little rouleau… and a history lesson.

People who take my heirloom sewing/fabric manipulation classes get a bit of a history lesson while we sew the projects.

I’m working on rouleau trim in quilt blocks. Rouleau means a a roll of a strip, which is how this trim is made. Mine is hand done so that I can get the proper thinness, but there are turners for this kind of tube if you want to make it by machine.

Rouleau has been made as dress and coat trims for hundreds of years! If it looks familiar, it may be because you have seen rouleau used as button holes, such as the fancy kind down the backs of wedding dresses in those little loops. Would you like to see more heirloom sewing ideas? Leave a comment on Facebook to let me know!

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Day 17- My annual reminder about REJECTIONS

Each year, I post a link to my previous blog, from 2016, about rejection.  It’s that time of year when QuiltCon rejection and acceptance notices are going out.  CLICK HERE to read that article.

I deal with rejection as a badge of honor.  It means you put yourself out there.  And it’s ok if this venue did not accept your beautiful work.  Let us see your amazing art anyway.

I have dozens of book rejections.

I have dozens of teaching venue rejections.

I have LOTS of quilt show rejections.

I could wallpaper a small bathroom with the number of rejections I have.

It doesn’t mean I should stop making or trying.   Go out there and make that work and be so good that one day they will ask YOU to be part of their show.  (That’s what happened to me.) File Dec 16, 6 55 33 PM

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Day 15 – An Early Christmas Present!

My dad got me tickets to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! I love their vintage vibe! It was a prefect early Christmas present.

They played at a gorgeous theatre about 20 minutes away that’s been heavily restored. Here’s a couple pics.

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Day 14 – Live from Plainfield… My Messy Studios

“Impromptu” doesn’t even describe the completely random tour you get from tonight’s Facebook Live.

It was just supposed to be hanging out and then I decide to show you how messy my Studios are. (Yes I have two.) click here to watch it, but please forgive me as to how messy it is! Remember, I’ve been traveling a lot!

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Day 13 – Rest

I gave my last lecture for this year and then took a much needed day off. I feel like I have been going non stop since October. In a way, it’s true.

I finally get to do a tiny bit of personal sewing this month!

I really really want to make this coat. I have all of the fabric and a gorgeous vintage button. I think I want to lengthen the sleeve and shorten the hem slightly. My fabric is teal/lime colored. I’m a big fan of these vintage style bouclé coats. The pattern seems straightforward. We will see!

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