Christmas traditions

I’m sure every family has their traditions. Mine is that I open gifts on Christmas Eve.  Also I make a baked Brie!  

Happiest of holidays to you! 

The Iceberg Illusion

Sylvia Duckworth has illustrated this principle pretty well, and I’ve shared this concept a number of times on my Facebook page. I totally believe in it. Want to know how I got here?  Look below the water. But there’s another iceberg we all need to be aware of. 

There is this iceberg of sorts when it comes to social media too.  You only see the tip of the iceberg. It’s the super curated, the best version of ourselves. You see one success after another, and it can look like people live these super charmed lives, right?  “Look at me traveling and having a great time, don’t you wish you were me?”  

I struggle in the “below waters” part of my social media.  I want to portray myself in a realistic way.  But it’s hard to talk about how your art is going when it’s not going that great. I have had a tough couple of weeks in this area. It’s even harder when it happens right in the middle of your 31 day blogging challenge! 

To that end I’m going to commit to being honest about my work and how things go that aren’t just tied to one announcement after another.  Maybe this will be a 2017 resolution? 😊

My Facebook word cloud

I did one of those things where you log in and the page tells you all of the words you used the most in the year on Facebook. 

I have seen a few of these for friends that had some unfortunate words in them, like the names of presidential candidates and words that are not generally positive. 

I have to say, I’m happy that my word cloud is a pretty good one!  The biggest words are the most used. How bad could 2016 really be if Happy, Quilt, Friend, and Today are your most used words? 😊

Sunday nights are for planning… 

If you have taken one of my business courses then you know I do my business planning and marketing planning on Sunday nights. 

I thought I’d show you the planner notebook I have been using for the past year.  I really love it. 

It’s called the VoltPlanner by Ink+Volt. I like this planner because it allows me to set my goals each week so I can stay on track for my overall business plan. It’s great to set small goals so that you feel like you accomplish more. 

Why do I love monthly challenges like this #31dayblogwriting challenge?  Because when you commit to a small project once a day for a month, you are more likely to make it a habit. This planner helps me stay on track with those. 

Everyone has a personal preference for their weekly breakdown. Some people like the days to have the hours written in so they do x until this or that time, and do y at this other time. Since I work full time, I do work for my business before I start work, during my lunch, and after work. So for me, writing in the goals and projects to do during my “morning, noon, and night” is perfect. If I need to write in times, I can still do that. 

There’s a whole market of planner accessories out there at the major craft stores like Michaels.  They make filling in the days fun. I just picked up this cool stamp and some planner stickers. 

I love this planner’s hard cover, and lay flat binding. I don’t need pouches or the ability to remove or add sections. If I need to plan a project separately there’s another planner for that. (I even have one I like a lot, called the Self Journal.) I’m not paid to endorse these guys, I just really love this planner! 

Holiday card time

Every year for the past few years, with one minor exception, I have made my holiday cards with fabric and stitch. 

I had lots of scraps left over from a previous year’s cards and I used my Sizzix die cutter to make snowflakes. I had painted the fabric a couple of years ago and it was already backed with fusible. I ironed the flakes to the card and then sewed on them. 

They were fun and a limited edition for my family and friends.