Day 5 – Krampusnacht and Ohio

Gruß vom Krampus! (Greetings from Krampus!) It’s the night of the Krampus and here’s my cute adorable demon friend of St. Nicholas with his chains and switches. Krampus is who children meet if they have been naughty!

I’m in Ohio for a surprise! I’m taping two episodes of Make It Artsy! Wait til you see what I’m making. I’m super wore out from a day of travel and I need a nap desperately. I left so early so I didn’t put on any makeup but luckily Instagram has a filter to give me some eyeliner.

Day 4 – No rest for the wicked.

When you’re constantly on the run, you need to figure out some basics. Like when to schedule hair appointments or remember to buy food so you have something to eat when you get home. Unfortunately I have yet to master these skills as I’m out of food and getting my hair done at a crazy hour because it’s the only time I have free.

One thing I know is that my machine needs a spa day. It’s getting a workout these last 24 hours to finish some special projects for a secret thing this week. It looks like a sewed through a unicorn in there.

Day 3 – Prep for the next (secret for now) trip

I can’t exactly say WHERE I’m going next just yet, but I promise you it’s cool. Here’s a sneak peek.

The busy season of travel is almost over and I promised myself some time off to work in personal projects, but that doesn’t seem likely just yet.

All this travel means my studio and my office are in absolute states of horror.

I always said I was a messy sewist. My poor carpet!

Day 2 – Corpus Christi and home again.

I spent a day yesterday in Corpus Christi TX at a great store called the Singer Sewing Center. They brought me in to do a cosplay class, and we had a great day making little mini top hats! I love how happy everyone was with their hat in this picture.

I’m back home already and this is proof that I’m losing the war for my cat’s affections with my dad. There’s been a lot of travel lately and he’s been filling in at home. One more big trip coming up… and then I’m home for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the details on the next trip!

Day 1 – 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2018!

Day 1 – 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2018!

Hello everyone!  It’s not too late to sign your blog up for the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, as the link is open HERE until Dec 10th.  I’m really excited this year and I hope you check out the many blogs on the list who are participating!

I’m currently in Corpus Christi Texas, proving you can basically blog anywhere!  I’m here to teach a Cosplay class for a great store called Singer Sewing Center of Corpus Christi.  We are having a great time.



I have so many things to share with you this month during the blog challenge.  I hope to see one of your blogs among the challengers!