New Weekly Quilt – QR Affirmation 1

Well, I didn’t expect this would be as popular as it is, but thanks so much to those who are viewing this from The Guardian Online!  
This is the first in a series of mini quilts I’m doing this month that are “affirmations”.  This is 8 x 8 inches.
These codes are everywhere and if you have a smartphone, you should be able to use a free QR code reader app to snap a picture of this and read what it says.  I’m not going to ruin that for you, so have fun figuring out what it says!

More are coming later this month.  This was a lot of fun.

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Studio Makeover – Shelves!

I’m so pleased that this little project is done!  

I finally have a place for the knickknacks that cluttered up the top of my fabric organizer systems and gives me more room to put up mini quilts.  
I made these from 1×6 pine with a nice rope trim that I nailed on the edge and then painted with 4 coats of white paint.  It’s hung “invisibly” by brackets that go upwards, drilled directly into studs for stability. 

I have so many little tchotchkes  from my childhood in here, my “little girl” room.  I also got to put up a lot of the mail art that I have traded for over the years.

You can see the pink foam for my new design wall.  It’s almost done and just needs it’s felt covering.  That’s coming soon!  After that, the room just needs one more tidying and my (almost year long) makeover will be complete!

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This N That #27

Oh boy, so much is going on!  Here goes….

Imagine my surprise to see this in the latest issue of Quilting Arts!  It also mentions that QATV’s Season 8 will be out sometime in July!  Woot!!
My quilt “Road to Home” was selected to be part of Tactile Architecture 2011!  That means I will have a quilt in HOUSTON!  And that self same quilt will travel to all 3 IQA shows next year!  I’m thrilled!!!
I’m also working on something that I have to keep quiet for now, but you’ll know soon.  Sorry for the tease!
My DH is editing my latest video for YouTube and we will have it up soon, I hope!
I’m winding up my 2 year term as president of the Riverwalk Quilter’s Guild this month, and I’m handing the reigns over to my good quiltie friend, Catherine Redford!  It was a lot of fun.

My beautiful “new” peony plants I put in last year came up with a bud or two each this year (these heirloom types take at least 3 years to establish).  Check out these gorgeous “bombe” type peonies!  My other peony is doing fabulous and the heads weigh so much they touch the ground.  I have to remember to stake them next year. 

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More about the Arduino Quilt

The Arduino quilt in the video from this post is my latest e-textile creation. My husband gave me the Lilypad arduino as a Christmas gift, and I had been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I was also really stuck on using this fabulous piece of antique lace in an all off-white fabric manipulation piece.

The title of this work is called “Shattered” and it was designed for the Naperville Art League’s public art competition, but I didn’t complete it in time. It will go to some other venues and I’m happy that the idea is complete and finally finished. 

This is what the fabric manipulations looked like in progress.

This is a close up of the arduino on the back.  It’s held on by the stitches I used with the conductive thread. 
I mounted this to canvas, because the battery back sticks out pretty far and it will not lay flat against a surface if hung on a wall. 
I haven’t tested how long it will run on the one battery.  
The program I wrote was done using a modified version of one of the basic ones it comes with.  I must have tweaked it 30 times before I got it right.  This uses PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, which is how you get a LED light to fade.  I wanted this to have a soft fade effect for the lights, and the sketch program that I tweaked was better than me writing it from scratch.

After the lights were put on the front, I painted them with some cream colored acrylic paint so that they more or less disappeared on the surface of the quilt.
I hope this answers some of the questions out there about this project.  I loved making the quilt itself and really enjoyed figuring out the lights.

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