Technique of the Week #11 – Glue Resist Painting

Project hours: About 32 hours 
Design and materials: About 2 hours
Execution:About 30 hours

I have read about this technique in many books and online, and finally gave it a try.  The Glue brand used here is Elmer’s Gel Glue, the blue kind.  It’s easy to find, and super cheap.
The design part was a bit harder, since I knew I was doing a wholecloth design that would look a bit like a batik motif. I ended up drawing a face design I have drawn a zillion times. 
The glue needs to dry a good 10 or more hours. And then you need to carefully paint your design so as not to slop over your resist lines.  I chose to use Setacolor paints as that is what i had on hand.  Flesh was a it difficult, and in this photo, it’s looks distorted, but it’s a nice even color in real life.  Then your paint needs time to dry, and I chose to leave it overnight.
After ironing it from the back I washed it well in warm water.  Then I let it dry, ironed again, and quilted it.
Not a bad technique, if you have time to try it. Maybe I could use this to try overdyeing? 

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Technique of the Week #10 – Painted Batting

Project hours: About 7 hours 
Design and materials: about 1
Execution: 6 hours 

This lovely piece was inspired by Quilting Arts TV, episode 304.  Pokey Bolton shows how to paint on batting, including screen printing on it and other fun stuff.  So off I went to get out my paints and stamps to have some fun.  
First, I started with wet batting, so my colors would run together, and diluted Setacolor paints until they were about half paint, half water. I blobbed the colors onto the wet batting and mushed some of the areas to make the colors bleed.  I only used yellow and blue, the green you see is mixed in the batting.
So the reason this took so long to do is the drying time. Let this get dry, dry, dry.  Then you can stamp over it.  I used blue and white, and it looks pretty cool.  I quilted this with a variegated thread that has all the same colors.  It is backed with fabric.  I liked this technique a lot, except for the drying time, because I’m in such a hurry.  But I can’t wait to try it again with some fuchsia and yellow.  

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Technique of the Week #9- Quilting with Wool

Project hours: About 2 hours 
Design and materials: about 1
Execution: 1 hour 

I have lots of wool, for some reason.  I keep it all in a nice box with no plans to do anything with it, but it’s there just in case.  Jane LaFazio has a great art quilt DVD out that uses wool, and maybe I thought I would try those techniques out.  
Instead, I saw a the wonderful Fashion Week collection of LeeAnn Marshall (of Project Runway fame) and was inspired by the “topography” looks in her Fall 2010 line.  So, I made this little island, and it turned out pretty neat! 

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Technique of the Week #8 – Golden Acrylics Paints and Mediums

Project hours: About 8 hours Design and materials: about 4
Execution: 4 hours 
I took a Golden Acrylics paint class with an accredited Golden Acrylics teacher to learn how to use their materials in fabric projects.  I was surprised at the variety of the mediums they offer.  I have used gel matte and gloss mediums before, but I had never used pastes and some of their other products before.
Our teacher showed us how to use the paints on a wet or dry surface, using GAC-100 as a resist, using moulding pastes through pieces of lace and many many other cool things.

Shown here are two pieces from my class.  The background was made by using GAC-100 in dots that acted as a resist when dry.  Then the rest of the piece was dry painted using a paper towel and regular fluid paints.  They blended nicely in the center.   The middle piece, which did not scan well, is a “skin” made from layers of heavy gloss gel medium and some sparkly gauzy scraps in similar colors.  
I included my education in the above time-frame, and drying time in the execution hours.
In other news, I’m working on workshop proposals, an article submission proposal, and a lecture to shop around to local guilds.  And there’s 500 ish flowers to be made for my sister’s wedding!  Fun year planned ahead!

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Technique of the Week #8 – Lutradur

Project Hours: About 2 hours
Design and materials: 1/2 hour
Execution: 1 1/2 hours

I have to admit, this week’s project was a bust all around.  I was a bit stuck for ideas to try, and pulled this together at the last minute.  It looks like it, too.  Well, not every week can be a success.  
I painted the lutradur with fabric paints and let it dry.  I sewed it on with the cross hatching hoping that when it burned away the areas that were stitched down would stay in the “valleys” and the middles would burn away leaving a harlequin look. The end result, not so much…  Use in a ventilated area or use a breathing mask, this stuff gives off noxious fumes.  Perhaps I will continue to embellish the center as a collage.
I did make a nice long list of techniques I still want to try, so I have about 20 weeks worth on a list so that I’m not stuck like this week. 


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