I would love to visit your guild or shop and show you some amazing techniques. Below are the workshops I currently offer. Please see the Contact page for pricing and other details!

Check out what my students have to say! 

“The handout and kit were the best ever received in a workshop.”

“Cheryl’s class handout was one of the best I have ever seen, and she had made little kits for each of us with the components for each experiment, and was incredibly well organized.”

“I just completed the e-textiles workshop with Cheryl and I must say, it was one of the most well organized workshops I have ever been to.”

“Class was 5 Stars! I don’t usually do much hand sewing, but I plan to use these techniques!”

“I’d take a workshop from you again.”

Quilting Workshops

***NEW*** Pixel Party Video Game Quilt

pixelpartyLearn how to use Pixel Party, a fusible, wash away stabilizer to lay out a video game quilt.  Make a retro video game wall hanging and get ideas on how to create one of your very own at home!  This can either be a FULL or HALF day class!

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Heirloom Sewing for Modern Quilters

a810_heirloom-textures_sample1_sleboda_701Take your next project to new heights by adding an unexpected, yet heirloom, twist!  Using vintage fabric manipulation techniques, you can create a beautiful tucks, pleats, and more to add texture and interest. Great for any style of quilting, too!  For this half day class, choose techniques by hand or machine.

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Pleats to Meet You Table Runner 

pleats tabe runner 1

Create this show stopping table runner with a special pleat technique! You’ll leave this full day class with a completed table runner top that’s going to make everyone wonder how you made it.

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Cartooning for Quilters

Lady Edith

In this exciting full day class, learn how to draw cartoony faces and objects, and then learn how you can turn those into quilt blocks!  You will see that anyone can draw with a little practice.  This is a great all ages class for all skill levels!

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Fabulous Fabric Manipulations!

samplesclass2Take your next project to new heights by adding an unexpected, yet heirloom, twist!  Using vintage fabric manipulation techniques, you can create a beautiful tucks, pleats, and more to add texture and interest. Great for any style of quilter!  Choose a full day or multi day option!

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Light Up An Artist Trading Card!

Take the technology leap and put LED lights into an Artist Trading Card in this half day class! Make an Artist Trading Card in class, and then light up with a LED! Learn a basic circuit, and a few more tricks to make your small art quilt shine.

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Become an eTextile Engineer!

eTextile BookIn this hands on class, learn basic to advanced e-textile techniques to insert into various textile works of your own. We’ll cover the basics in a simple LED project, and take it further by adding sensors and switches! We’ll top it off by using a commercial chipset and learn to program it easily with your computer. You don’t have to be an engineer to do these simple and easy to understand exercises. Leave this full day class with a fabric swatch book of examples to inspire your future work.

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Light Up Doll Project

pin-switch-projectMake your very own “flat” doll that lights up when you poke him in the heart or give him a squeeze! This half day class will keep you in stitches as you learn how to put in the electronics that make him work!

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 The Business of Quilting Workshops

I have been asked by many people to offer the art business classes I teach at International Quilt Festival Houston for guilds, art groups, and professional organizations. No sewing, but packed with lots of meaty content to get you thinking about your art business, or starting an art business.  Here’s the classes I offer.  Each is a half day class.

Building the Right Quilt Brand for You

If you have ever wondered what you could do to distinguish yourself from the crowd, then this class is for you. Learn why you need to create branding, and how to build that brand, both by design and completely by accident! We will also cover the tips and trick to create a logo that represents you and how to leverage your brand across social media platforms. Perfect for artists, designers, businesses, and anyone looking to be noticed!  $5 materials fee

Time Management Strategies for the Busy Quilter

“I just don’t have enough hours in the day!” If you have said that to yourself regarding quilting, then join in to get the best time and project management tips and find more time to do what you love! Make time for quilting and manage multiple projects. Set goals and stay on track to achieve them. We’ll cover free resources that will get you organized and quilting. Great for the entrepreneur, folks with full time jobs, busy families, full schedules, or all of the above! $5 materials fee

Making the Most of Social Media

The busy quilter usually doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their social media marketing, but it’s so important to the new connected world. Learn my strategies for maximizing your social media reach and how to get your social media down to only 15 minutes a day! You’ll learn the many strategies for each of the major social media platforms, as well as maintaining your blog and email mailing lists. You’ll learn how to measure your metrics and make sure your word is getting heard! If you have your accounts ready to go, this is the class for you to take it to the next level! $5 materials fee