A black hole, or Portal, if you will

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth again. Bunches of things are happening:

-I got a Crack- I mean, BlackBerry. They are addicting. I had no idea.
-I’m getting ready for San Diego Comic Con. Largest in the US for comic shows.
-DH’s birthday was on the weekend, and lost a day to celebrating.
-Got DH an XBox 360 for his birthday, and got the “Orange Box” game to go with.
-Have spent an inordinate amount of time playing Portal which you may remember from this weekly quilt. Now I get the song and the idea, and it was a great game.
-Getting my hair rehighlighted for the big comic show.
-Project Runway started back up this week!
-My neighbor is an excellent gardener and is helping me get my garden into shape.
-Spent a long time this weekend at a nursery buying plants.
-Went to the Nationwide series race with my dad on Friday last week, and the car I wanted to win did actually win, which never happens to me.
-I’ve been getting some family tree research together in order to go to a research library in October. Yes, it really does take that long to get ready to go if you’re not working on it full time.
I swearz I will get to posting some artwork soon! I swearz!