A Holiday Gift Quilt – Pin Cozy

IMG_1551We are on a very tight budget in my house, so Christmas was going to be a challenge for me. I wanted to get my dad a gift, but he’s the “really hard to shop for/has everything” type. Recently, we had discussed his collection of pins from various NASCAR racing events and Harley Davidson clubs that he’s a member of, and I thought “why not a Pin Cozy”?

What’s a Pin Cozy? Well, it’s my fancy name for a wall hanging quilt that you can pin all of your pins into and hang to display!
IMG_1649Here’s dad opening his gift on Christmas, with a pin stuck in it so he knows what it is.

IMG_1727A few days after Christmas, he came over and we pinned many of his pins to the quilt. I think it looks awesome! He had fun telling me about each of the pins and it was a challenge to get them to look so evenly spaced. He even thought he might hunt down a few pins he’s missing on eBay.

If you like this Pin Cozy idea, check back later in the month, as I’m going to post it as a free tutorial!