A New Guild?

I went to a new guild this week, and I think I may stick with them. I attended the small quilt auction for the Riverwalk Quilt Guild in Naperville, IL. Right away members were there to greet me and I was invited to a “divas” bee. The auction was a great way to see what styles the guild members make.

Monday is the Divas bee, so I’m excited to see that. They want me to bring all 42 weeks of the series to show them.
Here is week 41. I ran out of time and used a fourpatch from a baby quilt I made ages and ages ago. Anyway, broderie perse. I only have a fat quarter of this fabric without the selvedge, so I don’t know who made the flower fabric.
Week 42 is from the sketchbook. I love this fern like thing. Or is it a cartoony dragon? You decide.
I also finished some fall ATCs for a swap, and some dolls for a swap on ATCards.com. I love the dolls (at the top of the page). Wish I could keep them… They are themed after the 4 seasons.