A new theme for June

I didn’t know what I wanted to do for June. June was not supposed to be busy, but we launched the project at work and I am being sent to a show in Charlotte NC.

So the month filled up pretty fast, and in the interest of keeping at least some part of my life manageable, I decided to make June the month of new “quilting motifs”. I am a chronic stippler. I can do clamshells pretty well, and can spiral my fool head off. But that’s really it. After that, I got nothing.
I found some quilt stencil designs online, and liked this one designed by Linda St. Pierre. I adapted it for 6 inch scale. I also decided that I have to see the quilting. I had originally thought to maybe match the thread to the fabric, but what was the fun in that? Now, off to do some sketching to do some original works!