A New Year’s Resolution- completed

I had a lot of things that I did this year. What I am most proud of, besides my husband and my kitty cats, is my year long weekly quilt project. I did all 52 weeks without interruption. On weeks that I was away, I planned ahead and brought projects with me. At times when I thought I was too tired, too uninspired, too hot, too cold, too grouchy… but I made it through.
Here is week 51. I was int he Christmas thrall, and went to the sketchbook for a project, and went to sketches of more kokeshi dolls. Part of the cute but evil series.
Week 52.
I had great ideas for making week 52 this grandiose, over-the-top project, and in the end went to a sampler pack of supplies I bought at the IQA-Chicago show in April. Thanks to Quilting Arts, which is the booth I bought the Oliver Twists Experimental Packs from, and you can get this set on their website here:

And here is my project.
Not bad for having no idea what to do with the silk carrier rods (now the binding), the throwsters waste (the flowers), or the wire (now the stems).