A really nice review of the Technocraft show

The Newport Mercury magazine is a local Rhode Island weekly that recently covered the exhibit that my piece Dunkelheit is in.  I was thrilled to read this excerpt from the article:
The brilliance of Sleboda’s work was noticed most clearly by viewing the piece in a quiet gallery early. Triggered by sound, the piece lights up, blinking as it picks up on ambient room noise. Barely flickering at the beginning of the show, by the time the moths took flight, the piece was aglow with flickering lights, responding to the noise of the crowd.”

Wow!  Thank you so much to Suzi Ballenger who let me know about the article (and the exhibition in the first place!), and also to Jess Braley for such a glowing review of the exhibit and my work.  I really wish I could travel to see the show, it looks fabulous. 
The article is on page 9 of the 5/09/12 edition, in case it gets archived and you would like to read the whole thing.