Aim Small

Quilted ATC – 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches!

Art Saves, for so many people, and I am certainly one of them.  Most of you know I work full time. Yup, I do!  But at night, I’m an artist. At night, my “other brain” gets to play.  I go to my studio space and it’s total relaxation. I’m no longer stressed, frazzled, or tired. But how many of us quilters try to make huge quilts only to get bogged down by them? That was just as stressful to me as my day job, and not what I wanted out of my hobby.
The “work small” theory SAVED me! I get more done because I’m not constantly trying to make an enormous piece of art.  Instead, I get the visions out of my head and into fabric.  If the work is worth it, the larger quilt will come eventually.  I’m freed up by not having to make a piece that’s bed sized, or even wall sized. I get more done, and more often, which is not what I could say about my work previously! So try working small, and see if it saves you too!