Are you stumped? Try this for inspiration!

I am often stumped for what to create for my weekly quilts. Most times I run into the sewing room on the final day of the week, and just “whip” something together. That’s why many of the works look so… I don’t know…unplanned? The best ones are the ones that had some real forethought.

Jeanne Williamson Ostroff started the weekly quilt idea. Her quilts are online here. Martha Gilbert, a very talented quilter in my Baltimore guild, worked on a weekly 8×10 series of quilts at a retreat we both attended in 2006, and after looking through her works, I was convinced to do mine. Her gallery is here.

Try out some of these ideas to get you going:
Weekly challenge websites:
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4×4 Friday – Size and theme restrictions! ooo.
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Wednesday Stamper
Monday Artday
Mixed Media Monday
Think Monday- Think ATCs This one is about ATC challenges.
Sunday Scribblings

More challenges (some now past, but you could start now anyway)
Take a Stitch Tuesday (ran in 2007, but give it a shot!)
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People who do art everyday:
Photography by Tom Gawczynski
James Kolchaka

Studio Friday (look inside art studios)