Art, for art’s sake

I did some non-quilty projects along with some more trading cards and journals. These are matchbox shrines done for a swap.

I am going away on another retreat in Nov., so I will get lots of work done there.

The journals are 6×6 inches and sent all over the world, the page with the geckos below is one made for one of the fellow artists.
I have been paticipating in fewer swaps in anticipation for the holidays, knowing I won’t have the time commitments, among other reasons. The swaps haven’t been as “fabric friendly” nor have my returns been on time or something I expected, so I’m just cutting back.

Did some wool felt beads and got back to making some kanzashi flowers. I need to get back to sewing during my lunch hour, away from my desk again. I miss that. I also need to seriously update my quilting pages of

We saw Mozart’s Requiem on Saturday and it really inspired me to find a good recording of it and use it to fuel some quilt work.

The shrine I am working on is coming along, the beading is next, and there’s a lot to be done. I want it to be “encrusted”.

A fellow quilter gave me a three or so yard cut of a giant Egyptian print on a cotton-duck (or duck-like) fabric. It will fit the bathroom, so I need to sew grommets and hems and make it our shower curtain. The fabric cost her a dollar at a quilt show. 🙂