Here it is, after the big reveal dinner!

It’s great, and I love how it turned out.

I intend to add more quilting in the pink areas at the top and in the black sections, there is actually only a little quilting there.

Thanks to Joan, Jean, Jane, Barb, Amy and Denise!

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OK Quilter’s meeting

The meeting showed the self-portrait idea was a big hit! Lots of tops were brought in. Now we just have to quilt them.

We are supposed to continue work on this project and revisit the circles project idea. I want to start my thread play on the self-portrait, but not sure what I want to do with those circles just yet. I may start a second set of circles.

Now, my round robin group is about to do the big unveiling. Our group, the Friday Lunch Bunch, as I call us, is doing a UFO round robin. Basically, you hand over an UnFinished Object from your stash, one you may never want to work on again. While I don’t have so many of these, I do have a few. I gave over a lime green and hot purple top that had these weird stack-n-whack hearts. I don’t know why I did the hearts, I don’t even like hearts.

We meet every two months or so to exchange boxes and we don’t see what the final result is until everyone has taken a turn with your box. It’s been over a year since I have seen this quilt, so I have NO IDEA what it will look like when done. This horrible picture is all I have of the “before”. I’ll get it back the 26th, during a dinner for the final exchange. I’ll definitely post the results.

The other side of this is the box I have to work on before the exchange. Like the last box, I’m quilting this one. I’m not confident of my machine quilting, despite the new machine I have. Again, I am traveling for work the weekend before the exchange, so I have to work on it now.

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Self Portrait in progress

It’s not that I was really excited to do this project, it’s that my meeting of the OKQ study group is Tues the 28th, and I will just have returned from NYC. With no time to do this on the weekend upcoming, I had to finish it now.

I took the photo in the previous post and printed it 8 x 8 inches square. I drew the lines of the shadows and lips on the front with a permanent marker and then flipped it over and retraced the lines for a clean copy on the back. That was yesterday. Today I took that copy to Kinko’s and blew it up 150%. Traced over that copy with fusible web, picked my fabrics, and cut away. I will be quilting in wrinkles and doing some thread painting on the lips.
The mole scar on the upper lip is hard to see in this picture, and the colors are a bit orangey in the photo than they are in real life.

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Extreme close-up

The OKQ (Off Kilter Quilters) study group’s next challenge is “self portraits”. Inspired by Quilting Arts magazine’s challenge results (Winter 2005), ours are to be 12 inches square and include a machine applique technique. It’s also supposed to include something others might not see. I toyed with all kinds of head shot ideas, sketched a whole lot of samples. But, I was most inspired by a quilt in the challenge results that were not of the face of the person, but her body instead. Now, I’m not that brave…. But, it got me to think outside of the headshot and to focus on something else. Here it is. It’s not just the dimple though. It’s the two scars from moles I had removed a couple of years ago. And the smile, which has been missing from my face lately. Once it make the piece, I’ll photograph it and post it. I can’t wait to get started. Oh, and photographs this close up show me how bad my skin really is and that wrinkles are catching up with me.

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First Post! Egads!

I swore I would never do one of these damn things. So, here it is. Yes, only quilting related stuff, no work related stuff.

Enjoy the quilts!

Here’s my latest project.

CIRCLES (2006)
(C) Cheryl Sleboda
The project is from the Off Kilter Quilters study group I belong to. Our project was circles, six 6″ blocks. Small enough to not commit to if you didn’t like them. The smaller circles are made of thread play “fabric” I made and the silver circles are a silver mesh from a scrapbooking store. They are pinned on on the design wall, but will be sewn on once the blocks are together.

Here’s an older project a bit late for Valentine’s day.

(C) Cheryl Sleboda

I’m putting the pattern together for this quilted flower.

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