The Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop – Year 8!

I always say “It’s hard to believe I’ve been hosting this blog hop this long”, but the truth is that I can believe it! My blog turned 16 years this February and I still love to write and share on my blog. This is the 8th year of the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop, and I’m pretty excited because I needed so badly to clean my studio.

Here’s the before picture…

I had been away on retreat, so my machine is in that rolling bag. I have just switched to a new scrap fabric “system” instead of that overflowing box under my table. It feels super chaotic, because it is.

Here’s that AFTER!

What a difference, mainly from two things. One, I folded down the leaf in the sewing table because my current projects don’t need it, which makes for lots more room. Second, that black trash bin is the new fabric scrap bin. I found myself constantly second guessing the scrap in the bin if I could SEE the scrap. Now they go in, and I do not care any longer what happens to them (meaning I’m not fishing them back out.) Every time the bin is full, it’s time to make easy pet beds for the shelter. (I’ll post my tutorial for that next week!)

One more thing. There’s a closet back there… And it’s a walk in, and I do find myself just throwing things in there to make them disappear from the main room. So I did some cleaning there too.

Left is before, right is after

I mean, at least I can see the floor now…. ha ha!

I know you want to see other designer’s studios, and it’s my favorite part of the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog hop! Here’s the list and dates for the other hoppers. PLEASE go visit them and check these out!

4/15/2022 Muppin Inc
4/16/2022 Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
4/17/2022 Quiltblox
4/18/2022 by Hilary Jordan
4/19/2022 Sarah Ruiz Quilts
4/20/2022 Sugar Sand Quilt Co.
4/21/2022 Katie Mae Quilts Http://
4/22/2022 The Geeky Bobbin
4/23/2022 PhoebeMoon Designs
4/24/2022 Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting
4/25/2022 KISSed Quilts
4/26/2022 Tamarinis

Thanks to all of our hoppers! Please go check them out!

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Ten days of blogging, in one day?

So, you may have noticed that today 10 days worth of blog posts arrived on the site on the same day…

I have been writing my blog on my phone, using my wordpress app. But I forgot that earlier in the year I changed web hosting services, and those blog posts I have been writing for the past ten days? They went into the aether!

Well technically, they went into the app, which wasn’t connected to a host. So I had to retype them. Each. All ten days worth…

Kinda how I felt after doing all that work…. But it’s back now so that’s good, I think?

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Yes, Netflix, I’m still watching my show.

Unlike the people who fall asleep, I stream/listen to shows I have already seen while I sew. I only do this with things I have seen already, so I don’t have to pay close attention.

Years ago I made this joke image, because I still “listen” to my shows while I sew. Right now I’m on my third or fourth go around of the entire Downton Abbey series.

I once “watched” the Coppola version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula 18 times while working on a project. That’s how I know it took me 36 total hours to make that project!

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A month away to my first show of 2022!

I’ll be teaching at the International Sewing Arts Festival, a new show by the folks who do Road to California Quilt Show. The show takes place in Ontario California on January 13-15, 2022.

I’m teaching:

Fantasy Shield For Cosplay – Learn EVA Foam Basics

Intro To E-Textiles: Light Up Your Sewing Projects!

Heirloom Handwork For Historic Reenactment Or Cosplay

Magic Fabric Manipulation By Machine

Cosplay Faux Fur Ears And Tail

Some of these classes are NEW and never before seen, and none of them have been done in California before! Be sure to sign up today!

Not only that, but I will have an exhibit of my cosplays at the show! I’m sew excited!!

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Crossing a HUGE project off my list.

Remember when I said I had made a huge list of Quilt Shops and we were doing this virtual wholesale show?

Well, we have been crazily, madly, fervently working to get this giant mailing out to each of them. Yes, in the mail!

Shops are super busy and I know that they sometimes don’t look at their emails. But I am hopeful that this mailer will get their attention and get them to sign up!

This project wore us OUT. This was so physical. It’s hard to explain. But trust me, this was a full body workout each day for a week!

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