Back in B-more

I’m back in Baltimore for a quick work trip and then heading to the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild’s West River retreat, and event I loved to do when I lived here. I haven’t found any retreats near my house in Illinois so far, but i would love to if they are as affordable as the one in Baltimore….

I attended the Mancuso run Greater Chicago Quilt Expo III, which I understand is going to be the last one here. It’s apparent that the show is poorly attended, which surprises me, as the IQA show in April is a mega-show. There were no white glovers, which I heard through the grapevine is because “people here don’t volunteer”, which is crazy, because my friends volunteered for IQA’s show a whole bunch… I think it’s because it’s poorly marketed to our area. The show is small when you compare it to other shows. And having had attended the Williamsburg Mancuso show, this was teeny tiny compared to shows of their own!

I did have the lovely pleasure to take a class from Rosalie Dace, who is a lovely person, and great teacher. Our class was on “Up Close and Personal” taking images of microscopic things and making them the basis for quilt design. I had pretty good ideas and have taken away good ideas, so for me the class was a success. I’ll post pictures of the things I made, along with things from this weekend’s retreat sew-a-thon, when I get back.