Back to Basics – Take a Class

It’s Tuesday and hat means it’s time to think about “Back to Basics” when we look at going back to how we began to quilt to get us over a creative block!
One of the methods I use to get out of a slump is to take a quilt class.  I attend classes at most of the quilt shows I go to, and I also take classes that my local shop and local guild offers.
Most quilters have taken a class at least once, especially beginners.  Everyone had to start somewhere, right?  
There’s some thought about taking classes that say that if you want to make it as an artist, you should not take classes so you are not influenced in your work.  I have taken a number of classes from people whose work I like.  I usually aim to learn a new technique.  I also like to see how quilt teachers teach, so that when I teach I am a better teacher.  Everyone who sees art is influenced in some way, so I don’t worry so much about that, especially in a slump!
I have taken some classes that I knew the technique and method before I signed up, but took the class anyway.  These classes are to either refresh my memory or to get my creative juices going.  
Some of my favorite classes were ones where the teacher told stories while we worked, and that ended up being enjoyable for a whole secondary reason. 
Did you ever take a class that helped spark your creativity?