Back to Basics – Work on a UFO

Believe it or not I have many UFOs(UnFinished Objects).  Yup, a whole box of them in fact.  Sometimes I pull them out for an emergency gift.  But I find most often that I go back to one particular UFO when the chips are down.  
My first quilt.
Yes, my first ever quilt is still a UFO.  It’s not that I don’t like it, because I do.  But I chose to hand quilt it, and well…. it’s never gotten past that point.
When I’m not particularly inspired, but I know I need to keep my hands working on something, I pull out this quilt and the hoop I quilt it with, and start at it again.
Maybe something about handquilting just makes me want to seek some other, faster method of completing the quilting process… I don’t know. Usually after a week of working on this in front of the TV will have me back at my machine happily. Strangely, I don’t “hate” to handquilt. I have done it many times on lots of little projects. I do actually get excited to bring this quilt out, and I’m just as happy when I put it away again. For me, this quilt is a slump-buster.  
Do you have a UFO that you go to when you are not feeling very creative?  (Should I post a picture of my first quilt that is still a UFO?)