Back to Basics

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed and find you can’t create?  For me, it doesn’t matter where the overwhelming part comes from: life, work, art, family…whatever.  When I get overwhelmed, the creativity shuts down.
Some people can quickly turn it back on again, and some people lose interest altogether.  I am in the middle.  It takes a while, but I can kick myself over like an engine that’s sat too long in the garage and get myself going again. 
One of the ways I get myself going is getting “Back to Basics”.  It’s easy to forget that the basics of our chosen artform can be so satisfying, and then your mind is racing and full of new ideas.  
Things in the quilting part of my life are just as hectic as the rest, and I decided to pay more attention to the quilt “business” I’m building.  To that end I’m planning to do some more blogging about “Back to Basics” topics to explain what I do when stumped so that they can help you too! 
I hope you enjoy them!  Check back, subscribe to my RSS feed, or Follow me on the right hand side panel to get updates on the blog as I post them!