Best Amateur Entry – Innovative Category

To say that I am over the moon about my quilt hanging in the PNQE show is a bit of an understatement.
On Thursday, I learned my quilt won the ribbon for Best Amateur Entry in the Innovative category. You can see the list of winners and photos of the quilts here.
I was so stunned! To the point where I could not move for about 30 seconds!
So off to PNQE XVI I went on Friday with my father in law, and it was great to finally see my quilt and the ribbon it won. I was surprised the ribbon was blue. I just thought that was reserved for the first place winner or best in show.
On Saturday I went back to the show to shop the vendors, look at the quilts in detail, and caught up with a few members of the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild.

The show was in a new space near Oaks, PA, which my GPS could not find. (ha ha ) and it was a bit tucked back from the road. The space was big, but really just 4 concrete walls and floor. It was well lit, I thought. The vendors were great, even if on a bit of the traditional side, but it is PA after all. I loved the Japanese kimono and fabric vendors the best, and recognized a few vendors from other big shows. I wore my QuiltArt name badge, but wasn’t stopped by any other fellow members.
What an exciting thing this has all turned out to be. I had been eyeing a Coach purse for a few months now, and had only part of the money for it saved up, I think it’s time to go shopping for that adorable handbag.