Texture. Technology. Textiles. Teacher.  These are the things that identify the many aspects of my sewing career. 

I’m a full time quilter and fiber artist who loves heirloom sewing techniques made modern. I know when you think of heirloom sewists, you think of someone who looks like me, right?

I love to do fabric manipulations to raise the surface of my quilts. My work is often small… think 6 inches square. I love vintage linens and the modern quilt and art quilt movements. Basically, I’m not your grandmother’s quilter.

I’m on a mission to be unique and weird in the quilting world. I used to groan at the headline “Not your grandmother’s quilts”. But you know what? That’s what we do! We make stuff our grandmothers could not make! I’m ok with that. And you should be too.

I teach and lecture around the country, and I get RAVE reviews from people who attend my talks and classes.

I’ve been on many episodes of Quilting Arts TV and It’s Sew Easy TV, and countless magazines and newspapers. I have a fun line of products from heirloom sewing tools to sewing skull shirts to show off your rock n roll quilter style. I also have a company focused on cosplay called “Sew Much Cosplay” and I have been teaching costuming for many years.

I am influenced by my other hobbies and interests, including comic books, science fiction, Japanese comics and culture, and pop culture from the 80’s.

You can buy my heirloom tools, business courses, and other supplies in my Shop .


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