Blog Hop Stop #7 – Megan from The Bitchy Stitcher

Megan and I are in a mutual admiration society. I adore her, and she sorta likes me a lot. We have never met in person, because I think that would open some kind of quilt vortex/wormhole and who knows what would be unleashed.  Maybe it would be like the Hellmouth on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I don’t know.  It’s bound to happen eventually, so I will give you all advance notice if we do ever see each other so you can take the appropriate cover.

Megan's awesome bookMegan is the super talented and funny author of “Quilting Isn’t Funny”, a humor book about quilting (duh), but more specifically all of the silly quirks we have all come to embrace in our little hobby.  It’s a real laugh out loud book.

Megan is giving away a copy of her book and a Heirloom Smocking Template as part of her stop on the blog tour! Go check it out and leave a comment!

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