Like Gwen Stefani says

Super kawaii…means super cute in Japanese.

I listened to “Harajuku Girls” while making these cards. Kawaii swap in the bag!

I’m running out of the fabric quickly, so no more cards from it until I make one for myself. I had fun beading them too.

Now, the Zetti swap will be started tonight, as well as the skteching/beginning of a new purse, and more work on the shrine thing.

I think I may have found what to do for the Precious Fabric round robin, using a Japanese Notan technique. Got this from looking up how to make wool felted beads instead of buying them.
Notan is the play of light and dark, often mistaken for silhouettes.

Here is a neat Notan square. I wanted to use black in the precious fabric thing, so I’ll see what happens.
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August is going to be busy….

Superheroes Swap in the bag. Kawaii swap is next, then the Zettiology swap. Signed up for about 10 more through Oct! Did I mention that I’m going away to Alaska for a week? NO? Well, that will take away quite a bit of free time for this hobby-o-mine…. Gotta cut back on the ATC swaps for a bit.

Now, the OK quilter group is doing work on Texture. Hooray! I’m going to play with that this week and get some 6″ samples done.

My Round Robin is around the corner the first week of Sept. Yeah, the “precious” fabrics one. I wonder what to do…. I want to do something with a lot of black. And those hand dyed fabrics of mine would look great on black. I should be working on this during my lunch hours this month.

And I still want to do the challenge for Quilting Arts Magazine…

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Why I haven’t posted…but I’m back

I have 2 new kittens, and I’m flying solo at work. But I digress….
I worked on a scrapbook thingie for my boss’s birthday with all of the phrases he says over and over. I quilted the cover and everyone on the team pitched in with phrases. We gave it to him on Friday. He liked it (I think). It was titled “The Book of JAO Volume 1”. I forgot to take a picture of it.

I got a new heat gun, and I melted some kunin felt with it. This was my first attempt, and I like it. The proprtions were PERFECT for an ATC, because the felt shrinks a bit. Not sure how lucky I will be with that again. I did the melting outside, it really really smells. Also made some shrinky dinks and zapped some of the dyed dryer sheets.

I have more trades to do for the forums and I started a shrine thingie. I bought lots of icky gold trims to put all over the shrine. I just need to get it’s body together. I may have that done by tonight.

This past week I added beaded trim to the edge of the shawl/poncho I made.

This weekend I will have some free time to get this stuff wrapped up to get on with the other ideas in my head.

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Amazing what a day off will do…

Whoa! Got 4 ATCs done for a swap, started a pin weaving sample, will work on a poncho later today. May finish the last of the circle projects tomorrow, since I have that day off too.
These ATCs are for a “Show us your Gene’s” swap. Now, take two hobbies you like and put them together and you get these. I thought they came out “scrapbook style”.

Got one ATC in the mail from Jan in ND. It’s awesome!!! I hope I get some more cool ones back from the Hello Kitty and Beaded swaps.

The OK quilters have moved on to 6″ samples of “texture”. (thank goodness the circles are done) So cool!!! I should start that tomorrow, depending on the poncho.

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So busy…need…break…..

I need to get back into the art soon, but it seems like I have no time…

Ok, so my ATC stuff showed up, YAY! Now I can make a few paper ATCs for gifts in the trades.

I’m itching to make something out of the dryer sheets in the next couple of days as well.

My second circle project revolves around the “principles and elements” of art. One concept, the circle, interpreted as many ways as possible using the principles and elements. I’ll post pics soon.
I really need my OK Quilters to move on to another topic soon. I’m burning out on circles….

The last of my current ATCs went out the door this week. Beads. Very cool.

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