Day 13- what a difference 5 years makes.

I came across this photo today in my Facebook memories. It’s of my current video studio. This is what it looked like before I pained the room. These crazy child murals were painted by the precious homeowner.

I had furniture in front of them (or really my ex did…) and it was time to repurpose the room and get them gone. I painted the room green and then used it for years that way. But it was time for a new change.

The room is so different now you would not think they were the same place. Max and Charlie helped bring the new colors to life and on brand. What a difference 5 years makes!

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Day 12 – the final day of 12 Days….

Whew! That was a lot of fun to do! The 12 Days of Christmas sale is almost ended and we just want to thank everyone for their patronage and being great customers!

My fellow business owners (and me too) are feeling the crunch of the shipping delays COVID 19 is causing. It’s sad and frustrating at the same time. I really hope the situation gets better since it seems everyone is ordering gifts online right now.

Anyway, that’s what this image is all about. We ship ASAP but at some point the postal service does what it does and that’s not in our control. Fortunately, people have been nice about it so far… but as the holiday gets closer, tempers get short. Fingers crossed for everyone with packages on the system!

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Day 11 – Fell off the wagon..

The past three days have been a whirlwind. We are putting those new items up for sale in our 12 Days of Christmas sale, shipping orders… but among all the business things I’m doing the biggest thing I’m working on is prepping for the visit of our little guy Max!

We get to spend the holidays with him and as a new “stepmom” I really want to make the holidays awesome for our little dude.

We had a lovely stay-in summer and our Florida born kid may not be as excited to visit chilly Illinois once he gets here. But I’m planning to try to have an amazing Christmas week.

T minus one week!

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Day 7 – O Christmas tree…

It’s up and decorated.

But I don’t own or have never made a tree skirt. I am thinking of making a quilted one for the holiday, but not sure about what kind to make.

The room is decorated with Victorian antiques and the rest of the house is kinda modern. And tree is a mishmash of geeky ornaments and ones from my childhood.

So yeah, tree skirt. Still thinking about it.

Also, you need today’s 12 days of Christmas item! Shoe wings!!

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