Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

I love blog festivals because I get to see so many new blogs, and I also get to meet new readers. 

This is the quilt that I have entered into a few shows, but not really shown a full size picture of it by itself.  I’m showing it today because I’ve got a new quilt in mind for competitions that I hope to work out very soon.
This quilt holds a lot of personal meaning to me as it represents my journey back to Ilinois after many years in Maryland.  It’s BIG by any of my own standards, since I work 12 inches and under.  It’s a whopping 48 inches square.  It’s not wonky as it is in the picture, it’s just hung badly. ha ha  It’s also got thousands of beads to represent the windows in the cityscape.

Enjoy the blog tour, and welcome if you are new!