Betrachtung – 24″x60″

Part of why things are so quiet on my blog lately is that I have been very very busy at my day job in the comic book industry, and that means lots of stress.  I have been trying various stress reduction techniques, and very few of them work for me.  I have found my mind just racing non stop with all of the things I have to do here for my quilts and at work.  I get terrible sleep when my thoughts are going 100 miles an hour.  

Then I started doing little fabric manipulations.  When I would see one, I would try to puzzle it out on how it was made.  I could just stare at them for hours. Making them, I could feel the weight f the day’s stress lift away.

This was a ritualistic process in both the making and the viewing.  Just looking at it and letting my mind wander over each block is so peaceful.
This quilt is called “Betrachtung” which means “contemplation” in German. 

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