Someone’s masterpiece

Of all of the items in the bag of “cutter” quilts scraps I got, none were as sad as this one.
This is one half of two hand pieced applique bows and flowers bouquets that remained. I imagine this quilt was a bed sized piece with lots of this motif repeated throughout.
What’s even more shocking is the tiny tiny crosshatch quilting around the bow.
This was someone’s masterpiece. Hand appliqued and quilted. Now it’s all cut up.
This turned out to be a good theme for this month, as the trip to NYC and a horrible horrible head cold sidelined a lot of quilting for me this month.
March also looks full, with another work trip, my guild’s quilt show, and much more. Exciting!

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Busy bee

I have been sidetracked with an unexpected office redesign, in that we found a great deal on office furniture that could not be refused. So we have been removing old office furniture and putting in new stuff. It’s important stuff, since I work in that one room all day.

I’m slowly getting through making the email list of folks who are getting the yo yo flower tutorial as part of my giveaway, so please don’t fret.

This week’s quilt is especially sad. It’s a hand pieced, hand quilted Grandmother’s Flower Garden that was cut up when I got it, and only a few rounds actually survive. The quilt is quite tattered. But, I found this one decent section that I could use without cutting into another round. I though long and hard about what this one was going to say. Next week’s is downright heartbreaking.

Next week, I’m moving the blog to a different directory on my website. I’ll post the location when I move it, and leave a marker to go find the blog in it’s new spot. Basically, I only have one site now, which is solely about my quilts. I cleaned up all of my directories and don’t have to have sub directories for “quilts” if the whole site is about them. More later!

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Broken Hearts

February’s weeklies are going to be a bit different. At one of the last quilt guild meetings, we held a garage sale, and I bought a bag of scraps of very old quilts that have been cut into.
These are usually called “cutter quilts”, but the scraps really were pretty and I cannot imaging cutting these full sixed quilts up. Hand pieced and quilted, they are so very thin. My thoughts about this bag were that “someone loved this quilt so much, took so much time to make it, and someone else cut it into parts”. Sad, isn’t it?

So I’m calling this month’s theme “broken hearts”. You can either interpret the sayings as a sad lonely person, or from the quilt’s perspective, your choice.

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