This and That

Ever get an idea out of your head, executed, and then find yourself a bit drained to even begin the next project? That’s where I am right now. The “big” quilt is done. So now what? The next ideas are forming, but taking their time.
I am planning a trip to Indianapolis soon with the group from, and I’ve been feverishly working on ATCs to trade there. I’m super stoked to be taking the various art classes there… And I get to meet all these folks whom I’d only “met” and know virtually.
I got a netbook, because while I love my Blackberry it doesn’t “do” internet the way I need to. Forums, and other sites like that, they don’t operate the way they need to for me. So a netbook solves lots of littel travel internet problems for me. This will allow me to keep up with Quilting Arts’ Forum, ATCsForAll, plus my various facey-spaces and tweetspots. Now my favorite part will be getting a purse big enough for the netbook. I should make a swanky quilted cover for it.
I’m also working on a new blog header for up there… It’s so bland…

This is my 250th blog post! It’s my goal to post more often now.

What do you think I should work on (in a meta sense): Patterns for things like the Japanese Dolls and Monsters? Or work on a lecture about my small works to do a local lecture circuit? I put a poll to the right… Give it a try for me?

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Back to back injury- time to crochet!

Ha ha….sorry for the pun, though I’m not really laughing. Yesterday proved to be a stressful morning, and my back seized up after being OK for a couple of weeks. My allergies seem to be in overdrive today, and I am very stuffed up. I’m exhausted from stress, injury, and antihistamines.

In times like these, I crochet. I think this is one of the first kind of fiber arts I did. I was taught to crochet by a nun named Laverne who lived on my block. I grew up in Calumet Park, IL. This nun brought all of us kids on Ada St into her home almost daily and let us do crafts, color, and otherwise keep us off the streets. She taught me how to crochet, just one stitch, the single crochet. Laverne passed away not too long after teaching me, and my grandmother would not let us go to her funeral. I eventually taught myself the rest of the stitches, years later. I have never made a large crochet project, but plenty of small things.

When I am laid up like this, I usually crochet because it’s easy and I can do it and watch TV at the same time. The past couple of weeks before getting back into the sewing room I made lots of washcloths from cotton yarn I got on sale at Michaels. Now I’m thinking of making some socks…

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This ‘n That

I’m glad to be back home, and there’s a lot to be done. My back finally feels better, so I have a “back”log of work to do. The house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, and the yard work is about to start.

My Fiber Art Divas group is going to have a show at the Naperville Art League in May, which I am very excited about! It means I can finally finish “The Road to Home”, the “big” quilt I am working on. With a goal in mind, maybe it will get finished.

I bought new slippers, which were desperately needed since if my feet are cold I am cold. I found them in the clearance section for $5! I’ve wondered how I can salvage the old slipper parts to make new ones or recycled ones, but it’s more work than it’s worth. It’s why I don’t make my own clothes.

My Yo Yo Flower class went really well, and I hope to teach it elsewhere if I can.

IQA Chicago is coming up and I’m getting excited. Should be a lot of fun!!!

I plan to finish up my March theme this weekend, and work on some ATCs. I am going to an ATC retreat in Indiana in June, so I have to get a bunch of stuff done before then to have “stock” to trade with.

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Busy bee

I have been sidetracked with an unexpected office redesign, in that we found a great deal on office furniture that could not be refused. So we have been removing old office furniture and putting in new stuff. It’s important stuff, since I work in that one room all day.

I’m slowly getting through making the email list of folks who are getting the yo yo flower tutorial as part of my giveaway, so please don’t fret.

This week’s quilt is especially sad. It’s a hand pieced, hand quilted Grandmother’s Flower Garden that was cut up when I got it, and only a few rounds actually survive. The quilt is quite tattered. But, I found this one decent section that I could use without cutting into another round. I though long and hard about what this one was going to say. Next week’s is downright heartbreaking.

Next week, I’m moving the blog to a different directory on my website. I’ll post the location when I move it, and leave a marker to go find the blog in it’s new spot. Basically, I only have one site now, which is solely about my quilts. I cleaned up all of my directories and don’t have to have sub directories for “quilts” if the whole site is about them. More later!

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