Grumpy Cat

I love the internet, and I love cats.  When Grumpy Cat came along, I fell in love with her little sour face.  

My cat, Bastet, the Duchess of Mean is grumpy for sure, but doesn’t have the permanent scowl.  As part of my internet cats mini quilts, I give to you, Grumpy Cat.

Click here to see Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

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MOAR MEMES – Keyboard Cat

So yes, the Internet was made for cats and cat memes… and the Keyboard Cat phenomenon from a couple of years ago was a favorite of mine.  

Play him off, Keyboard cat!!!

I am likely going to add one of those greeting card recording devices to play the song along with this piece.  I’m having a blast with these quilts…

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Weekly Quilt – Meme Cats

Oh, the internet…  I love this cat video.  It’s silly and annoying after about 3 minutes.  But it’s soooo darn catchy!

That MUST be why I had to make my own, right?  This month’s weekly quilt theme is “Meme Cats”.  More next week!

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The bedroom makeover project

My DH and I have lived with this bedroom for the 4 years since our move to Chicago from Baltimore.  Not seen in this horrible picture is the tray table I have used as a night stand.  The house was built in 2001, and it’s still “builder white”.  We also carried over some of our IKEA furniture, from when we were a struggling young couple who could barely make ends meet.

We hired a painter.  Ever since the days when I was stuck in Maryland trying to sell the house with DH in Illinois at the new job I swore I would never tackle a large painting job again.

Here’s the final color on the walls before the new furniture.  Lillith and Vermithraxis are doing a final inspection of the painter’s work. 

TADA!  Grown up furniture.  We saw this set in a furniture store just after I moved here in 2007, and we wistfully fell in love with it, but couldn’t afford it.  Since then I have been checking the manufacturer’s website every 6 months to make sure it hasn’t been discontinued. The bed posts have a metal climbing vine with black metal roses in the frames.  Sort of “goth”?  Ha ha  We’re very happy with it.

Now we just need curtains, lamps, wall art, new pillows, and eventually a better mattress.  But all things in due time, right?  The cats like it a lot, especially Bastet. (And yes, that’s Legolas on the TV, I was watching LOTR).
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This n That #6

Well, it’s official. My quilt has been mailed to the Pennsylvania National Quilt show. It’s weird having to box and send it off.
There’s no posting of my president’s letter this month because it was a call for volunteers to step up and take some of the open committee positions our guild has open. I hope to be back to posting inspirational letters next month.
I haven’t been getting any good sleep lately due to allergies. It’s been beautiful outside, and we want to open the windows at night, but my allergies won’t let it happen.
I’m stumped for a theme for September’s weekly quilts. As usual, I’ll have something by the time the weekend rolls around, but this month has really stumped me.
I have been jonesing to do some fabric painting and sun dyeing lately, but as I said earlier, the weather has been beautiful, but not sunny nor warm enough for the sun dyeing. Of course, the more I can’t do something, the more I want to.
My cats were sent new toys by my friend Nance, and they are a huge hit. They are filled with catnip and no fluff. My cats are nuts for them. They are Yeowww brand, so if you have a cat, get ’em one of these!

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