This n That #2

I like the idea of the “this n that” blog posts… It keeps me in the habit of blogging as I come up with ideas, and I have to admit, I like blogs that update often.
So I’m trying to decide “where this whole crazy art train is going”. See my poll over there? =====>>>>> Please click on a choice and help me figure out what to do next.

We had a speaker at guild last night, and while I am happy to have seen her work, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the “message” she had to say about art quilts and quilt “artists”. If we make quilt art, aren’t we all arti
sts? Does it really take art training to be a true artist? I think not….
She also had something slightly negative to say about art quilts that have over the top embellishing. As someone who has made that kind of work in the past, why potentially alienate your audience by dissing it in your lecture?

it’s official… I’m the new president of the Riverwalk Quilt Guild of Naperville IL.

If you ever clog up your toilet…. (Hey, it happens!), pour a bit of dishwashing liquid in the bowl, let it sit for a bit, plunge a couple of times, and viola! Seriously! I know from experience!

Made some “glue stamps” but am not too good at stamping with them yet. See below!

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What I did on my Winter Break…

Picture heavy!

Our tree, with my gifts under it.
Bastet, doing what I did on vacation, lounging around.
One of my Art Quilt Workbook exercises, finally done.
The project from the workshop presented by Rosalie Dace, called “Close Up”. This is some bacteria magnified a bazillion times.
My version of “close up” was Pomegranate seeds.
And the Cloth, Paper, Scissors article on making these snowmen was just too cute to pass up. The bottles are small plastic shampoo bottles from all of the hotels I went to and used up this year. I pulled these bottles out of the trash thinking they would be good for beads or pins, and found a better use for them. I recycled!
More to come! Lots of cool stuff coming up!

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A graphic update!

OOO! Pretty pictures!

On the way back from a work trip, I saw this neat pumpkin patch. Fall is finally here.

The troublesome trio were at it again when Catherine (center) was speaking at the Wheaton IL guild. Steph (left) invited me along, and we had a blast. We also decided to take a class together at the Mancuso Quilt show next month.

My guild, the Riverwalk Quilters Guild, had their annual small quilt auction so I made this altered spoon, and attached it to a quilted background. The spoon was inspired by directions in a recent Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine article written by Kelli Perkins. I wanted to try this and also wanted to figure out attaching the spoons to quilts for a project I am making for my house.

I also made this small 6 by 18 inch wall hanging, that the DH loved and didn’t want me to give away. I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to the guild, so this picture is taken on the hood of my car.

Speaking of Kelli Perkins, she recently did a giveaway on her blog of supplies from her studio, and I tossed my hat in the ring. I got this package today.

Here is what was in it! My cat, Lillith, is modeling some of the lovely bits of ephemera and yarns and buttons and other amazing stuff Kelli sent me. Thanks Kelli!

Lastly, I went back to this for the first time in over a year today. I’m back on the wagon!

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Monthly Quilt- My Cats

If I had to enshrine anything, it sure is my girls. This is Bastet, Vermithraxis Destroyer of Worlds, and Lillith. I used my Gocco machine to screen the little faces onto my beloved hand dyed fabrics. My girls get only the best! Next time I need to use more contrast on the faces.

The Gocco did not have the sticking problems on the screens like the last time, because I tried the ironing technique mentioned on’s Gocco group. I still may stamp their names onto the fabric near their little noggins, but for now, I’m happy with the cute results.
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Cats and quilts, part 2

This is Vermithraxis, Destroyer of Worlds. We got her and her litter-mate, Lillith, in July of 2006. Vermi is a non-quilting cat. My other two girls will lay on quilts, piecework that is on the floor, or need to test drive a quilt as many cats do. But not my Vermi. In fact, she doesn’t like laying on the t-shirt quilt I gave my husband in 2005, but I suspect that this is because of the “plastic” feel of the fronts of the shirts, rather than a disdain for my artwork.
Vermi makes a dash for the quilt studio every time the door is opened, but after a minute of sniffing around, she’s done. She has little interest in quilts, unlike her sister and Bastet.
(Vermithraxis was a name my husband and I picked out long ago for a future cat, and thought it would be an evil name for a child. A Google search will show that Vermithrax is the name of the dragon in Dragonslayer, the movie. We added the “-is” to make it more evil.)

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