I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags…My Mackelmore Thrift Shop Challenge!

I ADORE this song by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis, and I was so stoked to see the Unofficial Thrift Shop Challenge.  Haven’t heard the song?  It’s NSFW (Not Safe for Work, or people who don’t like salty language) but GO here and watch the awesome video. 

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket”and take a picture.

Unique Thrift Shop- Joliet IL

Step #2 was to spend your $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

Hideous painting I will overpaint, a “plaid button… up shirt” flannel, and more milk glass for my collection.

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

Just like the song, this fur smelled like R.Kelley’s Sheets… 

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