The Quilter #1 (and Free Comic Book Day)

I made this quilted comic book cover an embarrassingly long time ago. So long ago she’s not even carrying a rotary cutter with her.  How behind the times.

Why would I show it to you now?  Because this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!  You know I work in the comic book industry and all, and this is one of our major events of the year.  Go to to find a comic book retailer near you and get a free comic book!

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This n That #9

Well, so much is going on… 
Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday May 1st.  If you like comic books, you should visit and find a store near you and get a free comic.  It’s part of my day job, so go and have some fun May 1st.
I look up random crazy things as I hear about them, and someone on one of the QuiltArt threads about favorite movies listed one about the Donner Party.  I had never heard of this event in US history, so I went to look it up.  Pretty amazing, gruesome, and sad all wrapped up into one long winter event. 
I’ve been tinkering a bit in my garden outside my office window each day after work.  I planted 2 new peonies, a lilac, and an azalea.  I just need a rose, and I’m all set with that garden.  I got the peonies from Peony’s Envy .
 This image of Marilyn was made for my good friend Nance, whose birthday was right before the C2E2 comic book show which we both were in town for.  I was happy to make this for her, as she’s a huge Marilyn Monroe fan.  It’s 8.5 x 11 inches. It’s stenciled and then quilted.
My DH and I want to learn German so we can visit Germany.  I love German industrial heavy metal music, and some lyrics and turns of phrases would make great titles for quilts. 🙂

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Charlotte Update

I’m back from Charlotte, NC only to RUN right back out to another show. This time Wizard World Chicago. I’ll be staying at the show area in Rosemont rather than at the house which is an hour away. Less gas.

Anyway, Charlotte was a hoot. Lots of neat artists and creators. I will not have time to list them all but here are a few highlights:

Marc and Katie from Acme and FX International were loads of fun and we got to meet Katie’s ‘lil HellBoy!

Scott Campbell (not to be confused with other industry Scott Campbells) was so sweet and really cool. I love Pyramid Car! And this print!

I also met Donna from Steam Crow Press. So nice, and loved her mini pins.

Michael Wood is turning 35 this week, and from Pittsburgh, who I bought some indy comics from.

The folks at Imaginism were there, (Kei Acedera) and I chatted briefly.

Hilary Florido was sooooo cool. Yay! I love STUFF! “Stuff rocks!”

I bought a handmade pocket monster, which always amazes me the stuff you can find at these shows.

Todd of the Perhapanauts was very cool. Go Smelt fishing!

I also met Cully Hamner, Brian Stelfreeze, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Mike Weiringo’s brother. I was getting coffee with this morning with Mike’s brother and I asked if he had a good show, and after a few nice words and asking what parts of the industry I was in, I turned it around to find out he “was…is” Mike Weiringo’s brother. I was stunned into silence and I can NEVER think of anything to say so I told him I hoped he had a good show and wished him safe travels. (Ugh, so terrible, I know.)

I really want to start a sketchbook of chickens, since that’s my new work theme.

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RIP Rory Root

I know I rarely post about “work related” things, but I have worked in the comic book industry for almost 12 years, and yesterday one of the nicest retailers around passed away. Rory Root had great vision for the industry as a whole. When he made a suggestion to me for a change to our services or data, it was not just a good suggestion for his store to benefit from, but for all retailers. I was fortunate to see him in Las Vegas in March this year.
At my very first San Diego Comic Con last year I stopped by his booth, and he was there sitting on his stool with his hat and coffee cup, and we chatted for a very brief second. I’ll miss Rory with his soft spoken voice and gentlemanly manners. His spirit for the industry will hopefully live on.

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