A Holiday Gift Quilt – Pin Cozy

IMG_1551We are on a very tight budget in my house, so Christmas was going to be a challenge for me. I wanted to get my dad a gift, but he’s the “really hard to shop for/has everything” type. Recently, we had discussed his collection of pins from various NASCAR racing events and Harley Davidson clubs that he’s a member of, and I thought “why not a Pin Cozy”?

What’s a Pin Cozy? Well, it’s my fancy name for a wall hanging quilt that you can pin all of your pins into and hang to display!
IMG_1649Here’s dad opening his gift on Christmas, with a pin stuck in it so he knows what it is.

IMG_1727A few days after Christmas, he came over and we pinned many of his pins to the quilt. I think it looks awesome! He had fun telling me about each of the pins and it was a challenge to get them to look so evenly spaced. He even thought he might hunt down a few pins he’s missing on eBay.

If you like this Pin Cozy idea, check back later in the month, as I’m going to post it as a free tutorial!

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I have a friend who LOVES the Dark Crystal.  Remember that movie?  Jim Henson, Brian Froud, fantasy, puppets… what wasn’t there to love?  The Garthim, the bug like soldiers of the Skeksis, arrive in this scene at about 2:35…

Anyway this friend has a birthday and this is what I made for him!  As Aughra says..”Garthim?  Garthim???”   Fun!

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Playing Catch-up #4

I don’t know why I didn’t post this lovely set of placemats I made for a friend who has just refinished his kitchen and dining room with lots of nice, new furniture and cabinets.  He’s a tiki collector, so these tiki placemats with “pimento” accents are hopefully a nice addition to his dining room!

There’s a reason I haven’t posted my new Technique of the Week yet, so please bear with me, it will be up soon!

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A quilt made earlier this year but never posted

I realized I had never posted this lil quilt, made for a guy that works for/with me in the comic book biz.  He was in a very serious car accident and sometimes when that happens, you feel like you have to put your sad/worried/upset energy into something productive.  Like the Katrina quilts, or the 9-11 tragedy quilts, people just sometimes have to express how they feel or want to do something to help.  
This lap quilt was quickly pieced over the holidays and then quilted in January for delivery when I went back to Baltimore in February.  I was snowed into my hotel for 3 of the office day of a week long visit, and on the last day of the trip got to hand it to him in person.  It was a good feeling to do something comforting for someone.  Luckily my guy is doing great!  
I sure hope he likes Spider-Man…  I never really asked, but since we work for the comic book world I thought it was appropriate.  I never got to take this quilt to guild to show them that I do work on quilts larger than 8 inches square!

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Air Freshener Cozy Holiday Trees!

How cute is this? My Air Freshener Cozy (Renuzit brand) pattern done up for the Holidays! On the main page of my blog is the link to the tutorial on how to make these. I’m happy to email you the pattern, but can’t link to it, because the bandwidth makes my website go all funky. Check out the tutorial, and just make them in green for the season! These are going to be gifts for my friends this year. Happy Holidays!

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