"New Work" pages updated on my website and some non quilt art

The new work pages of my website are updated with weekly and monthly quilts. What’s nice is to be able to see the themed works grouped together.

I do occasionally do non quilty art, and here is one of those things I did. Kelli Perkins had a tutorial on altering silver spoons in a recent back issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I traded these online with friends. I plan to alter a few more and attach them to a quilted background. It would make a nice Christmas kitchen gift.
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How did I pass 150 posts and not celebrate?

Geez! I guess I will have to celebrate 200 instead. Shouldn’t be too hard to get to, right? Rory’s RIP post was actually 150.

Now, if you are my mother, please stop reading now, or at least, wait until after your birthday to read this.

Are you peeking? That’s not fair! But if you want to ruin your suprise, then it’s fine by me…

This is Mom’s birthday present. I’m mailing tomorrow. Hope it gets there on time. The frame is not this wonky, it’s just the angle I took the photo at.
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Baby Sock Flower Bouquet

I made this bouquet of “flowers” out of a pack of baby socks I got from Target. My cousin had a party for her daughter’s Christening and I thought this would make a cute gift in place of a quilt I am still working towards.

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