My Make It University Class

I’m more than a little overdue to talk about how my awesome class that I taught at Make It University in Houston went.  I was riding that post-Houston “high” and then time just got away from me.  
That said, you can’t really take pictures and stuff while you are teaching, so I am going to rely on my fab friends to fill in…
It’s hard to believe it went by in an hour.  I feel like it was the fastest and slowest hour ever…  But it was so worth it.  I learned just as much as they did, I think!

The class filled up so fast! Pic by Catherine Redford
It was hard to make sure everyone heard your instructions, the microphone helped. Pic by Catherine Redford
You don’t realize how hectic it can be helping 23 people with the project! Pic by Catherine Redford
Making sure everyone’s project lit up was also important! We had 2 dud LEDs in the group.  OOPS! I had it covered with extras, which means “Be prepared!”  Pic by Judy Perez
A quick second to say hi.  It was a lot of fun. Pic by Judy Perez
That’s Lindsey from QA/Interweave, who gave everyone in my class a free magazine!  How cool was that?  Pic by Catherine Redford
You also forget how big a crowd 23 people can be! Pic by Becky Glasby
Yup, a guy took my class!  He was super nice and emailed me after the show to say he had fun. Pic by Becky Glasby
It was important to me to make sure I helped everyone, and tried very hard to make it around to each person as much as I could.  Pic by Becky Glasby
My student’s work!  So cool! Pic by Catherine Redford
This student was from Australia and clipped that little koala onto my shirt as a thank you! I had a great time teaching and hope to do it again! pic by Catherine Redford
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Houston bound!

I am packed and ready to go…

Come by and see me on Thursday at the Quilting Arts booth at 5pm for Open Studios.

Then come by again on Saturday to take my Light Up ATC class at 10:15 am!!!

I can’t wait to see you all there!

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